Welcome Friends! Thanks for Reading My Blog! :)

But Before you Proceed…

I’d like to offer a word of caution. This blog contains sensitive material that may be triggering to those in drug recovery. If you are sensitive to drug use, especially IV drug use, enter this blog with caution.


If you’ve read any of my blog by now… you already know it frankly talks about illegal activities and prolific drug use.

I do not endorse this behavior for anyone else. I take these risks on of my own free will and would never suggest that you practice anything illegal, or put your body in a position that makes you feel uncomfortable. Please refrain from engaging in any illegal activities – just because I wrote about them on my blog!

So, please kids… Don’t try this at home.

Thanks! (>‿◠)✌

☮ ♥ & ♫ ♪ ♬


15 thoughts on “Welcome Friends! Thanks for Reading My Blog! :)

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! We need more of this kind of candid expression from drug users-particularly active users-it humanizes us and helps break the stigma that makes life so painful for us. Power to the People-people who use drugs! ❤

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  2. Best opium related joke ever seem in Daily Mail [UK]
    The Daily Mail ran a story over opium addicted parakeets who are robbing poppy heads from farmers in bona fide poppy farms~grown for pain relief~ in India, causing crop loss.
    Some wit wrote:
    ‘Q~’Why is there no opium at the farm?”
    A~’Because the paracetamol’
    This has to be THE best ever joke..I love a good pun, but even I rate this as the best one ever.
    We get these thousands of these Indian parakeets in South West London..the new opium fields in UK aren’t that far away..wonder if these noisy clever birds will suss out the poppy pods here.

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  3. Isnt it funny how on movies and TV shows that show IV drug use the spot everyone seems to shoot up is in the crook of the elbow but any Junkie knows it’s much easier after a while to use the huge ones on top of your forearms, such as one in that gif thingy you made below this comment box.

    I don’t know any user, especially of the Tar we have in the bay area, who can still hit those tiny veins we used to when we started out.

    If it wasn’t for those bastard I’d be in a world of hurt.

    Did you ever join opiophile?


    1. Hi 6-mam, 🙂
      The elbow veins everyone starts with are the ones first gone,
      by nearly EVERYONE. After 35+years of iv use those were the
      first one gone by me.only had a good one right,left elbow had
      no fat crook of arm vein by me.Man,I HAVE to chase n snort
      many times and only shoot if good dope and enough of it cause
      i wont go femoral and always had shitty veins like a woman.
      Rarely hit first time,mostly a bloody search till bulls eye!
      Sorry,can hardly keep eyes open…
      Great Blog!!! Love it!!!
      Good Luck to ya All!!!


    1. ::Blushes::

      Actually, lot’s of people are active on here, they’re just shy. There’s between 400-500 views per day. When I’m able to keep it up consistently (READ: Not going in and not of jail on a regular basis) it averages over a thousand views per day. Hopefully, I can stay out of the pen this time and keep the content active. Maybe I’ll get a book deal out of it. A girl can dream, can’t she 😉


      1. Keep On,Deemster Diva!!
        Sorry for my muddled answer 😦
        What I meant is thatin street dope there are much bacteria,fungal spores,etc.
        One can find much Info on this in the Net!
        Except if its really pure,I now prefer pushing it through a Wheel Filter(Acrodisc 0.2 my fave).
        The Handling from Producers to the street dope man is long,and its a good feeling if you miss to know no abcess will grow and no bacteria in your heart valve build-up(endocartitis).
        Of course Wheelies should ALWAYS be used by pills! I am the same opinion as you!
        We get our dope from over the Balkan Route here.Quality varies.
        Hope your fine and Best Wishes from Europe,


  4. My last mail seemed to have got lost
    1question please! To avoid endocartitis is there much
    h.lost if one were to use a micron 0.2 wheel filter for each hit?
    I have enough but am wondering. I live in europe so its brown nr.3
    If one were to flush the filter afterwards then some air to press the Rest out? How high about would be the loss?
    Just an estimation. Cause even after flushing 3times with clear water you could still detect some bitter taste.
    Thanks very much and keep on!


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