Welcome Friends! Thanks for Reading My Blog! :)

Welcome Friends! Thanks for Reading My Blog! 🙂 But Before you Proceed….

I’d like to offer a word of caution. This blog contains sensitive material that may be triggering to those in drug recovery. If you are sensitive to drug use, especially IV drug use, enter this blog with caution.


 If you’ve read any of my blog by now… you already know it frankly talks about illegal activities and polific drug use.

I do not endorse this behavior for anyone else. I take these risks on of my own free will and would never suggest that you practice anything illegal, or put your body in a position that makes you feel uncomfortable. Please refrain from engaging in any illegal activities – just because I wrote about them in my blog!

After all… just because I have an anchor tattoo… doesn’t mean you’re going to run and get one too, right? (although it is pretty bad ass… I wouldn’t blame you if you did 😉

So, please kids… Don’t try this at home.

Thanks! (>‿◠)✌

☮ ♥ & ♫ ♪ ♬


7 thoughts on “Welcome Friends! Thanks for Reading My Blog! :)

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! We need more of this kind of candid expression from drug users-particularly active users-it humanizes us and helps break the stigma that makes life so painful for us. Power to the People-people who use drugs! ❤

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