The Silk Rd. Pt 3

This is the 3rd Edition of my Silk Road posts! And the last of my  personal antidotes – from hereon out I’ll be writing solely on bitcoins, computer security, Tor, relaying, proxies, etc.  Of course if something unusually happens as I continue to buy, then I will let you in on the details!
So let’s talk mushrooms. Those which are hallucinogenic in nature that is…. My strategy up until the Silk Road, was to stock up with any many as possible through out festie and tour season and try to accumulate enough to last me all fall winter, until the next heattie show came along with a good lot. This time, I decided to test out the product on the Silk Road – which I still plan on doing more of. Actually I want to start growing them, but that’s a different story.
All the mushrooms – which were already a good price – from the Netherlands were about say 15bc. (I’m rough guessing the prices here since it doesn’t really matter – but at the time it was about 3bc =$1). Then there was this one guy offering his for almost half of that AND he shipped from the states, so free shipping! (and hopefully faster) I think standard shipping is always free within the states – at least it used to be. Although some sellers do offer the expedited shipping, that can be risky too. Not always a good idea to be able to track your drugs. And you don’t want to have to sign for them and have proof floating out there somewhere that you signed for a package of Back Tar Heroin of whatever.  So despite the massive difference in price AND knowing the best product comes from the Netherlands (again in the category) we bought ½ oz of them. But it wasn’t enough money to shed a tear over if something did go wrong. Sure enough, almost the next day they were there.  

***Here I am going to add a slight disclaimer. My view may be slightly askew due to an overuse, both long term (about 2 decades) and really heavy short term use (previous 6 months – a few times a week) to psychedelics. Clearly this will affect tolerance of each drug in and of itself, but should NOT produce cross-over tolerance between most of them. Although it has been theorized and some case studies have shown that certain RC’s may produce slight cross tolerance between other psychedelics, mushrooms have never been included in those studies. Still, we did take an entirely different batch of mushrooms the weekend before and didn’t trip either. But the legitimacy of that product was never confirmed. Although they looked, smelled, tasted and felt like legitimate shrooms, without at least another person verifying their potency, I couldn’t make a blanket statement in either direction as to whether they were “real” or not.***

They came vacuum sealed and everything looked solid. Once I received them I let the seller know. He requested that I release the funds, which I was hesitant to do, since I hadn’t tried them yet, but my last few transactions were so smooth, I figured “why not?”. I gave the required 5 star but wrote “WAITING TO SAMPLE PRODUCT. WILL POST REVIEW IN FORUM WHEN VERIFIED.”
We took them about 2 hours before and EOTO show in Tahoe, which was right across the street. We had with high expectations after such disappointing experiences with tripping on anything for the last 2 months. By the time we had to leave – all hope was abandoned. They never kicked in. We had all the effects of being on mushrooms without any of the actual visuals/body buzz/ euphoria/giddiness/tripping. So they had ALL of the slight uncomfortable feelings associated with mushies, slight tummy upset, desire to curl up in bed, bizarre equilibrium effect, social awkwardness, which usually passes in 30 minutes, transforming into social glee and laughter for me. But this lasted for the next few hours, with none of the fun side effects.  I know that Golden Teachers can vary in potency and strength – and obviously we both have an extremely high tolerance for pretty much all drugs in general. Maybe we could have tried more but we ate a lot to begin with. We don’t shy away from those challenges. But with all of the positive reviews of this product, I was/am slightly suspicious that they hadn’t worked right off the bat. So, I figured I would give them to my bff who has no tolerance for this kinda thing at all, just to make sure that they didn’t work.  Haven’t heard anything about them from her yet (doubt I will now since she’s since “broken up” with me after 14 years, bitch). Hope they didn’t work out for her either. Knowing her – she probably got freaked out by them and thew them away – whatever. Who cares. If I want to put a spike in my arm, that’s my business.  Anyway – back to the Silk Road…

So – we got some more mushroom locally and decided to hold off trying them until our bodies were purged of psychedelics drugs. Even though there’s supposedly no cross tolerance between L/Shrooms/RC’s etc. I’ve quite a bit of experience that would suggest otherwise, specifically with 2C products and that’s not supposed to happen either.  The seller is still selling and the ratings are still coming in that they are high quality. So the rating system is clearly not a foolproof system. Or I was just a special case, and really need to cool off on my psychedelic drug intake. (which I have).
So I’m still winning the game overall – but it’s by no means a sweep, with the SR scoring +2 points on me in the custie’d category.  Again, I made a mistake in judgment basing my decision on price and not taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture – why were they so cheap?? Why would I by from the state when I know they are sub-par to the Netherlands? Lesson Learned.

Next Purchase – MDMA – One of the best deals on the Silk Road

So again so time passes with a few smooth (even fun and enjoyable) transactions. Communication can be hit or miss with the sellers, but the product was always good, even if not always 100% accurate – at least effective.  And that’s all I ask for, really 😉Pressies

All the MDMA experiences have actually worked out really well for me – even if it was weird. I found a great guy selling MDMA in Molly form and tested about as high as possible on the Reagent test, 84%.  It came in a standard time frame, great package, packaged as directed, good communication, A+ all around. Strike that, A++++++++++ when the next package came. A week after we took and had a BLAST on the amazing product, another shipment from the same town but different address came. Another bag of Mahl!  Okay – well that’s weird. This is my third shipment of mysterious, un-paid for drugs, only one of which was bad. I didn’t ask him about it because I didn’t want to raise any red flags, but we decided to take it anyway (contents unconfirmed) and rolled tits. So that was that and then I pretty much stopped thinking about that transaction.

It was so good though, that we wanted another order ASAP for my birthday.  Fast forward 2-3 weeks later. I placed another order and as I mentioned earlier, I always place 3-6 items at a time. I had ordered a bag of 2C-E. I didn’t know the EXACT address it was supposed to come from but I remember it was at least some place on that side of the world (Netherlands).  In the appropriate time frame- a bag from the Netherlands (again) came with a baggie of unmarked clear white powder, 1 gr. Acid Tabs

Now, it makes sense that no one labels their drugs in the mail when they ship. And typically people don’t use their own home address, or at least their exact (or detailed) addresses, but it certainly makes it frustrating when you place multiple orders and are dealing with product that is similar in color and bitterness -like many RC’s being sold today.  It gets confusing.  Then add the fact that 15mgs of one can flip your world upside down for 15 hours and be close to a dangerous overdose, and 20mgs – your pushing daisies, you need to be careful!

I decided to hold on to the bag for a little bit and see if maybe the other product would be easier to recognition. Strangely, I wound up with 4 random bags of white powder. Supposedly from two different sellers, but who knows maybe really coincidentally they worked together in conjunction on the Silk Road?

Now I had my entire order of products. The Mahly was the same fantastic roll. The 2C-E was awesome and combined with LSD, they make the Universe’s hetty’est cocktail 🙂 But I’m still left with the unanswered question of “Where are all of these free drugs coming from?? And more importantly WHO IS SENDING THEM TO ME!!! Can all of this possibly be a dissociated string of coincidences? Doesn’t seem likely. I did take the “risk” blindly sampling one of the random bags – turned out to be 2C-I and I tripped face off of it, quite a few times. Still have some actually – was going to save some for this NYE.
So there is nothing I can say about that specific mailing that would point to a conclusion. I’m really doubt I’ll get an answer to any of this, but at least I came out the winner – I guess?  Over all I have wound up with way more drugs than I had actually purchased, but they were all legitimate, so  again – if the Universe wants to send me free drugs through mail order – who am I to complain? But still the whole thing can be hit or miss, and although appreciated, I’m always a little apprehensive when the random bags arrive. And although there have been a couple of orders where the seller has then disappeared, despite a large number of positive reviews, the overall success rate has me coming back. After all, it still beats the number of times I’ve been ripped off IRL copping on the streets or at Shakedown at a show. So I’ll keep coming back!

One of the most common questions I receive about the Silk Road is “How does the pricing compare?” Well, that is completely dependent on what your are buying and where you live.

Here is a general breakdown by most popular categories:

Psychedelics (Of all sorts – L, shrooms, RCs etc.): Normally much cheaper than I can find in and around California.

**Side besides my less than successful purchase of shrooms from the states, most shrooms almost always come from the Netherlands – this is a great (although not foolproof) way of securing a high quality product. I’ve honestly found this to be true for most products purchased from there – The Netherlands take the quality of their drugs seriously!**

Dissociative (Ketamine, MXE, PCP): Comparatively equal.  So I found no value in purchasing them through the Silk Road- unless you are unable to procure locally, or they just aren’t available in your area for some reason.

Uppers – Depends.

Coke – Much pricier on SR but might be worth if for quality. They have a variety of EXTREMELY Superior coke available. But you’re gonna have to pay! (worth it IMHO)

Meth/Adderall – About the same locally. It’s dirt cheap everywhere.

GHB:  Cheaper if you can buy in quantity.Meth

MDMA – Seems to be the best overall Street/SR ratio. Really dirt cheap compared to the street value in Los Angeles. Also – ALWAYS (at least in my experience thus far) they have been highly superior to what you can buy on the streets. Since it’s almost all from the Netherlands (if it’s not, don’t buy it) you can still find early 90’s standard ecstasy and they don’t pass this shit “Molly” off as real AND it almost always comes with a Reagent Test results.

Opiates –

Heroin – This is an interesting one. When I started shopping on the Silk Road it was one of the best deals around. At least the Heroin was. It was much cheaper than Los Angeles street prices . You could go higher in value and buy China White or other super quality H when they had it – for much higher, but it WAS a rare commodity, Now #4 Heroin is littering the Silk Road. So it’s up to you and what you can get in your town as to whether it’s “worth it” or not. Maybe you are from the West Coast and get white powder in a stamp bag – you might be willing to buy at a higher price than someone who can get it on par or cheaper than the SR. Or you’ve never tried Mexican Black Tar, it would be in your best interest to give it a go an buy some at $100+ a gram, just to give it a shot over on the east coast. Yadda yadda, you get my drift.

Scripts – ALL OPIATE PRESCRIPTIONS ON SR ARE NOT WORTH IT. They may be high quality (and you can get OC’s vs. OP’s) but you will be prison rape on the price. Hands down one of the biggest rip offs – if you can secure elsewhere. But they are counting on getting the people who are uncomfortable buying from the streets or purchasing H at all. RE: Think your local soccer mom.

Opium – Completely hit or miss if they have it. They will go through dry spells of months at a time and then have 3 or 4 dealers at once selling. In my opinion, because of its scarcity…. if it’s available, buy it! I’ve never had fake opium or anything that was sub-par quality from the SR, and when I do buy, I’ll buy in bulk, just because I don’t know when it’s going to go away or come back again, and I love having it around. I had a guy I was buying from at a fairly expensive, but not outrageous price on SR, but he told me he had to close shop because the processing of the opium was getting way to expensive.

Other – This “Other” category is very vague – anything else really. HGH’s are one of the more popular- but I won’t know how to compare prices – I think it’s really high in demand though, because the stock seems endless and current. Psych drugs off all sorts, sleeping pills, barbiturates, ludes, crazy types of benzo’s etc.

I bought some Phenobarbital, randomly one day because I saw it and seemed to be a reasonably good price (actually dirt cheap) and isn’t offered frequently in my circles – so that was worth it. I’ve been searching high and low to find Methaqualone, but have only found substitutes like Ettaqualone, but it’s a crap shoot. You never know what random obscure drug that you’ve always wanted to try (or never heard of that piques your interest) so it’s hit or miss. It seems that (like the ones I’ve mentioned above) since they are sold all over the world – to the point of abuse – across different countries, they will eventually be available to us at some point through the SR – so if there is some pill or drug you can’t find right away – keep checking in and be diligent. It’s most likely going to show up one day. And then it will be there for a day or two – or it might spark a new trend and gain its own category. You never know what’s going to happen!

So in conclusion to the pricing questions, I purchase by the following criteria that is important to me: price, local availability, quality vs price, dealer rating and perhaps novelty (like the Phenobarbital).

Hopefully that helps answer some of the questions you’ve had about the Silk Road and how that website works, what’s available and how to buy, etc. As I mentioned, my next SR installment will be more technically driven and focus more on Tor, security, bitcoins etc. Please drop me comment if there is something specific you want addressed around those categories, and I’ll try to get those questions answered first!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday vacation!!

❤ ☮ & ♪♬



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