Breaking News: Maine Gov. Saint Wants People To Die

In an act of pure humanitarianism, “Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) appears set to oppose a bill increasing access to a lifesaving anti-overdose medication because of concerns rejected by public health experts that it could encourage more drug abuse.” This was first brought to my attention while reading this blog with the title “Re-Maine High, … More Breaking News: Maine Gov. Saint Wants People To Die

The Monkey On My Back

I’m trapped in my thoughts, stupid consuming thoughts. They are so simple, so few. But they are ever there. Crushing my skull inward, until my brain, crippling under the devastating pressure, cries for relief. I scan my body for physical pain, somewhere, anywhere(!) that would justify the agonizing crush of my mind. I find nothing. … More The Monkey On My Back

Making Veins Pop!

I recently did something really stupid while trying to get that precious shot of junk into my body. My veins were shot from overuse and I was having problems trying to find a vein to register for days. I’m sure this is a nightmare that plagues many IV drug users. I’ve literally spent hours at … More Making Veins Pop!

Needle Exchanges = Harm Reduction and Drug Education This literally makes me sick. I couldn’t be happier to live in California, specifically Los Angeles, where the community is there to support IV drug users. Luckily I know many people who fighting against the almost unanimous stigma of IV drug users being worthless. In fact, there are laws set up in Los Angeles … More Needle Exchanges = Harm Reduction and Drug Education