“Guess What Drug I’m On” Contest Winner!

So, I’ve moved over from illicitanderoticbehavior.blogspot.com, to wordpress and to say goodbye to my 

readers and let them know that I would be moving here, I through a little contest. I challenged my readers to guess what drugs I was under the influence of when this picture was taken. This was during the 2011-2012 New Years run at MSG in NYC. Contetestents were judged on wheather they made good guesses, rather than if they were right. And making me laugh scored bonus points. My favorite guess was, “You are on Shrooms and MDMA but you are really hoping that you will be able to find some Quaaludes :)” 

Now that is someone who has truly read my blog!

Although he still wins the contest )and the prize, if he sends me his address). So what drugs was I on that specific night? Well… about 20 hits of acid, cocaine, MDMA (he got that one right!) oxycotin and DMT. That was during the show. Later that night, we rocked a nitrous tank  and a shit of of GHB and Xanax to help come down from all the uppers. Oh, and we made some of that coke into crack, since it was cut like shit. And I’m positive we had some weed. So, just a simple recap:




Nitrous Oxide

DMT (Deemsters – my namesake)




And that was just one night, we also had AMT, 2C-E, 4 different types of DMT, and the tank lasted us three days! The whole set up was pretty sweet. We went to 7 concerts in 6 days. My face melted off. I’m sure I caught W00k flue from all you dirty hippies floating around MSG that week. I can’t wait for next year 🙂

Anyway – if you are a new reader coming over from my previous blog, welcome! And I’m glad you decided to keep reading. I’ll start offering more incentives and give a-ways because I like to mail little packages to people :))

Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll 4EVA


Ps. For any of my newly acquired wordpress writers, please feel free to check out my previous blog at illicitanderoticbehavior.blogspot.com. There’s lots of good stuff to catch up on! But from now on, all blog posts will be in wordpress. *MAWH


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