First LSD Study in 40 Years

First LSD Study in 40 Years

For the first time in over 40 years LSD was studied for its therapeutic uses. The study was first approved in 2007, and the results were finally

published earlier this month in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. While only 12 subjects received LSD in the double-blind placebo controlled pilot, every single one person reported positive results and personal benefit from taking LSD, including a significant reduction in anxiety. The study also indicated that LSD assisted therapy is safe and that there is no danger in the administration of LSD. There were no negative side effects reported at all in the study.

In the 1970’s, LSD was frequently administered to test subjects as a treatment for alcoholism, anxiety, depression and cancer. Hopefully the positive results of this study will rekindle research on the benefits of LSD. In my personal experience, LSD has only had extremely positive effects on my life. It was a LSD trip that first made me want to try to quit heroin. I hope other people now have the option to explore it’s unique ability to open the mind and help people connect on a very personal level.

One subject in the study reported, “My LSD experience brought back some lost emotions and ability to trust, lots of psychological insights, and a timeless moment when the universe didn’t seem like a trap, but like a revelation of utter beauty,”

“This study is historic and marks a rebirth of investigation into LSD-assisted psychotherapy,” says Rick Doblin, Ph.D., MAPS Executive Director. The results were all positive, the administration was safe, and it left no question in the doctor’s mind that additional testing was not only recommended, but beneficial to society.



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