Drug Kits – Which Kind Is Right For You?

Every  good druggie has their go-to kit. Their little stash of supplies that streamline the process of prepping and administrating their drug. Naturally, this is done because drug users are impatient and want to cut down on the amount of time not having their DoC in their system.

One of the most famous drug kits of all time would probably be Kurt Cobain’s heroin hit. A photo of this notorious kit was posted on the Junk Philosopher Blog. The author does a very good job of  making observations about Kurt’s style of use. It’s definitely worth a read. Lucky for Kurt though, he had the luxury of using disposable needles, unlike our junky forefathers who used those syringes from my last post.


Kurt Cobain’s Heroin Kit. You can learn a lot about someone by looking through their kit.

I laughed a little while reading it because I’ve thought thousands of times that there is not a shadow of a doubt that my heroin kit is owned by a girl. It’s one of those reusable grocery bags, but it’s orange and white with flowers all over it. Inside I have different supplies each in their own separate cute bag (one will bubble bees, a green leather bag with a large white hand-stitched “H” on it, you get the point). One bag for cottons, one for cookers, one for syringes, one for alcohol pads and a large mesh one for miscellaneous things like lighters, breakdown powder, syringe clippers, burners, tweezers, spoons, rubber bands, twisty ties, matches, suck up syringes and so forth. The bag also holds essentials like a belt, paper towels and lighter fluid or acetone (to light a fire in a burner, rather than using up all the fuel in a disposable lighter) There is also a separate kit for travel that includes two individual sized syringe cases, so you can pre-fill a  syringe and carry it safely with you, and a bag that can keep your medicine cool while on the road. It’s amazing how much cool stuff you can find at drug stores that cater to diabetics. So yeah, it’s a pretty girly kit. But it’s well organized and always well stocked. I’ve also got a box that was made for me where a mirrored top flips open and lies flat for doing lines, along with compartments for a razor blade, a vile, etc. Another box for all pot related supplies and joint rolling tools. And finally, for all other drugs and drug paraphernalia –  a safe that stays out of site from any less scrupulous visitors who might not be able to control themselves if they knew about all the good shit lying around.

So what do you need to to have in your kit? Well that’s going to depend on what drug you most commonly take. But I’ve done some heavy lifting for you.  Below are some of the more common drug kits. Browse the pictures below and maybe you’ll get some good ideas for a kit of your own! Because sure you could buy a pre-packed drug kit. But a real drug kit should reflect the personality of the user. Click on the picture for more information about each kit!


So which kit resonated with you? How do you keep your supplies? Is your kit more like Kurt’s, or does it have a distinctly “you” feel? You can always take pictures and share them with us. I’d love to see the kinds of kits you guys use 🙂


3 thoughts on “Drug Kits – Which Kind Is Right For You?

  1. I currently live in Germany, where the facilities for obtaining new kit are excellent. Here, there are injecting rooms which provide a safe space to use and dispose of used needles. They also have a huge variety of needle lengths and gauges (I prefer a 12mm, whippet thin tip as I have busted pretty much all of my major veins!).

    And I too read/enjoy the Junk Philosopher blog 🙂


    • I wish our country would adopt the safe injection sites. Too many people believe the needle exchanges should burned down so that all the junkies share needles and kill each other off. It’s sickening. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of a fantastic needle exchanges that supplies all the gear necessary too. Cookers, water, alcohol, breakdown powder, ties, anything you could possibly need to inject safely. I use the tiny syringes too. People always question me funny when I request the small ones. I’ve got tiny veins, what can I say! 😉


      • I am a fan of the drug-taking rooms, but they don’t come without a few negatives for the city. For example, two of ours are in the Bahnhof quarter which means the junky concentration in this area is quite dense and this can be intimidating for other residents and tourists. As with any social group, there are a few people who don’t respect the rules, still insist on shooting up in the street and generally being a nuisance. On the other hand, the HIV infection rate has been dramatically lowered and the workers are all respectful and friendly, which can make a big difference to how individual users feel; it’s nice to be treated with humanity instead of scum!


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