Phish Song of the Day – Tweezer 2010-10-30

I debated what song to start with. But it seems as though there is only one real choice to properly induct those of you not familiar with Phish. It would just be wrong to not start with a Tweezer. Followed by, of course, a Tweeprise, which is arguably the greatest encore song ever written. Certainly blows Freebird out of the water anyway 😉 For those of you unfamiliar, you never get a Tweezer in a show without getting a Tweeprise for at least one of the encores  And as you’ll see from the Tweeprise included, sometimes you even get two! 🙂  There are so many good Tweezers to choose from. I debated between 2013-09-01, Dicks, 2013-07-31, Tahoe (arguable an all time best), 2010-10-30 MSG. But I like the funk they bring to this one. It’s the Soul Train Tweezer. Sorry the sounds not better. I included a link to a better recording if you want to listen to even more Tweezer though! 😉 Enjoy 🙂

Tweezer, Alpharetta, GA 2010-07-03

And Double-Tweeprise, 2010-06-18

For you audiophiles out there who don’t mind sitting through a 13 minutes epic Tweezer, here’s is the link on PhishTracks.

Phish – Tweezer 2010-07-03


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