Name That Drug! (New and Improved!)

You may have played the first version of my my game, Name That Drug! But now there’s a new and improved version, and it’s much more challenging. Don’t worry, I know with all the drug knowledge you’ve got stored away in that big brain of your, you’ll have no problem acing this little trivia challenge. Get 27 out of 27 right and I’ll consider you a Master of Illegal Narcotics! If you do well, post your score in the comments.  Have fun! 🙂


One thought on “Name That Drug! (New and Improved!)

  1. 2! Yay I suck! Even the ones ide had tons of experience with î got wrong… I think î was just panicking trying to scream out the answers before they scrolled across the screen n ended up yelling out the first thought thet popped into my head every time. which ended up being incorrect almost every time lol.


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