Phish – All Wrapped Up in a Pretty Bow

I know you’ve been biting your nails, watching the clock in nervous anticipation until I finally got around to posting the aforementioned promised Phantasy Set List I’ve been going on and on about, teasing you with promises of dark, ominous Carini’s, funky bass lines to shake your hips to and world-class guitar jams that will melt your face and leave your skin in liquid puddles around your shoes.

Well your wait is over my friend! I’ve got the goods you want and won’t even make you take off your shirt to show me the goods for it (although you can if you want to, I won’t complain.) And lucky you, not only am I providing the link to my YouTube playlist, but I’ve also made all mp3 files available to you through my MediaFire account! You can listen to the playlist on my YouTube channel and check out some of the footage of the live performances, or you upload the mp3’s to your iPod and get your Phish on the go!

It would be cruel of me to keep you waiting and draw this out into some long musical dissertation on awesomeness and influence of Phish. So I’ll cut to the chase and cough up the goods.

D_D’s 2014 Phantasy Phish Set List — ft. Double Tweeprise and count them, two… (yes two!) back-to-back Carini’s!

And the MediaFire download link….’s_Phish_Phantasy_Set_List

Enjoy! Happy Phishin’



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