Literary Addict

I think it’s a universal truth that everybody enjoys books about the things they are passionate about. It just makes sense, right? If you are an artist, you might tear through books on Van Gough, Renoir or Monet. If you’re a WWII buff, (besides spouting the order of your favorite U-boat related movies to all who will listen) you’ll probably … More Literary Addict

The Significance of “Fluffhead”

This is a great post on the awesomeness of Fluffhead. It’s a very fun read! Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts « “Down With Disease > Seven Below” Full Tour- Finally! » The Significance of “Fluffhead” “We’re Back” (John DiGiuseppe) In the most surreal moment of Phish’s career- and many of our own lives- they opened with “Fluffhead.”  … More The Significance of “Fluffhead”