Ask a Junky: How to Score Drugs in a New City (HINT: Craigslist!)

One of the most common questions I get is about sourcing drugs in a new city. The task can seem rather daunting to someone who hasn’t done it before, but once you master the skills required you’ll find the drugs seem to literally come to you after a while. As someone who has traveled quite extensively my entire life,  can attest to the fact the you develop a nose for these things. William Burroughs writes in the novel Junkie that the main character can smell if the city is rich with drugs. As someone who has traveled quite extensively my entire life,  can attest to the fact the you develop a nose for these things. The first thing I do in any city I travel to is source out the drugs. There are many ways to go about this. If you are comfortable buying drugs on the street (which, if your a committed junky, you probably are, or will be eventually if you want to make sure you NEVER get sick) you need to locate the areas where drugs are openly sold. These are almost universally going to be the seediest, sketchiest parts of the city. The parts the gentrified locals steer clear from at all costs. The streets that give straight people the chills to walk down even in sunlight (if they were ever caught there). The streets that would make your parents horrified if they saw you walk down. The streets newspapers take good precaution to warn the upstanding members of society against at all cost lest they become victims of the lawless, the violent, the drug addict, the outcast who reside there….. Ah, yes! That’s right. You can use the good-intentioned media against themselves. After all, we all know where the road paved with good intentions leads…

Do an Internet search or find a local paper with any article on the local Heroin epidemic (which shouldn’t be hard at all given the current nationwide panic the media is doing such a good job propogandizing.) There is bound to be an article published in the past year on the most Heroin saturated areas. And you’ve got your road map for the next day. Of course, once there you have to know how to actually get the locals to sell from you, which a little harder to write about. It takes a certain amount of acquired skill. And you have to be identifiable as a junky to other junkies and dealers. This means more than just showing exposed track marks. One addict knows another. And there isn’t much you can do to fake this sixth sense.  It’s a certain desperation, a comfort on the streets, a subtle ware and tare the says you’ve weathered many years of hard living and have seen things, many things, that would make ordinary people run screaming for the hills, yet you choose to keep the needle in. And I can’t teach you that. Eventually it permeates off you like bad pheromones.  If you’ve reached that stage, you don’t need my advice. You know where to go and what to do. But if you’re lucky enough to not quite fit in with the dregs of society, and you want to limit your exposure to law enforcement and other potential danger, the internet can be a great tool. It can also be used by less scrupulous people as a means to trap you, in order to rob you, arrest you, even kidnap you or worse. So you need to use discretion and do your due diligence before transacting with anyone who you meet online. But if you’ve got a cool head, can keep your wits and have a nose for scams and dishonestly, then you can make quite good use out of the world wide web.

Ideally, I would suggest that anyone looking to buy drugs online go through Tor and use a dark web marketplace, like Agora or The Silk Road.  But if you aren’t comfortable with utilizing that technology  – get comfortable because it could be the difference between your freedom or jail. But in the meantime – but if you still refuse to do it, there are other options available to those on the Clear Net. You can read about some of them on my past post, Drug Markets are Operating on the ClearNet, But before any of these sites were up and running, there was always craigslist. For about two decades now Craigslist has been a meeting ground for pusher and junky. Bringing the two together anonymously without the need of special browsers or VPN’s. As I mentioned, it comes with inherit risks, but there are certain things you can do to limit your risk and make your chances of a successful transaction extremely likely.

First,  just because you CAN use Craigslist without a VPN doesn’t mean you SHOULD you Craigslist without a VPN. Please use one. It’s a simple measure that will make a big impact on your online security. Protect your identity, your location, your home and your family by using a VPN. When the cops bust down your door with a ramrod after tracking you through your IP address, try explaining to your wife how you could have prevented it by simply enabling a VPN on your home computer. I promise, you’ll feel like a real dumb ass.

As we all know, there are a million and one scammers online, and specifically on Craigslist, who target drug users, and especially junkies. And people fall for their tricks all the time, every day, all over the country, especially by those who are desperate, sick, out of town and unable to procure their medicine any other way. A sick junky will fall for just about anything that comes with a promise of getting well. But you’ll be sick, butt hurt, embarrassed AND broke if you don’t heed the warning signs. Don’t become the next victim! There are ways to sniff out these rapscallions and protect yourself and your pocketbook. There are certain red flag you can look out for that will help give you confidence that you are participating in a legitimate business transaction,

  1. The #1 thing that sticks out to me is if a dealer is offering every drug under the sun. In drug dealing, as in legitimate business, specialty is key to having a quality product. Someone who claims to have everything from mushrooms to heroin to Quaaludes to Xanax to laudanum is probably peddling snake oil. Ain’t nobody on the planet who has access to a quantity of quality everything who needs to be posting their shit on craigslist in order to sell a dime bag. I call bull shit. You’d would much rather buy a sofa from a custom sofa designer than a mass produced poor quality PoS from Kmart, right? Same theory except in a business where there is no regulation and lots of shady  scammers out to steal your money. If it’s not a complete scam, which it probably is, it will either be shitty quality or some other cheaper drug passed off for what its advertised as.
  2. Along those same lines, be wary of any post that is too lengthy. Almost legitimate sellers will have brief postings that are short and sweet and to the point. They won’t go into detail about their product. When someone is looking for a particular drug, they won’t need any upselling or lengthy description. A post won’t typically state the name of the product, but will use code words that legitimate buyers will understand and know to look for (we’ll go over keyowrds in a moment). If it’s more than a few lines, or blatantly clear about what drugs are being pushed – be skeptical… or just ignore it all together.
  3. The third thing to watch for is a price that is too good to be true. As the old adage goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  A drug dealer knows the value of his product. They want to make the highest return on their investment and they have a drug dealer to buy from as well who they need to pay up. They aren’t going to be able to slash their rates much below market value without seriously degrading their product, or simply selling you aspirin instead of OxyContin.
  4. This takes a little more skill and subtle observation, but you can get a good sense of the person you are dealing with just by noting his mannerisms and communication. Does he talk like a drug dealer? Use the right slang? Is he able to answer questions that serious users want to know? Is he subtle in his speech so as to not be detected by law enforcement? Obviously, this isn’t a fool proof way of sniffing out a setup, since the best of the best will have their role nailed. But it can definitely help weed out the less experienced who aren’t as comfortable or as knowledgeable as they should be.
  5. Note the area code of the sellers phone number. While it’s not true 100% of the time, a long distance area code can be a huge red flag. The one time I was involved in a knock-me-on-my-ass scam it was by a guy with a Florida area code. I noticed it, and I thought it seemed sketchy, but I was desperate and not in my home state and didn’t listen to that little voice in my head warning me. In addition, as soon as we talked on the phone he immediately, without me asking, went into a lengthy explanation as to why he was calling from a long distance area code. Dumbass. It was years ago, but it still stings thinking about that one. Although that happened on Reddit, not Craigslist.
  6. The biggest red flag of all – one that is almost a 100% guarantee that you are going to be ripped off – if the seller asks you to send them money before meeting up. Either through WU, MoneyPak, PayPal, it doesn’t matter. NEVER SEND ANYONE MONEY BEFORE MEETING THEM AND SEEING THE PRODUCT FIRST HAND. Scammers will come up with a thousand almost reasonable sounding explanations as to why they need the money beforehand. Cup your hands over your ears and sing “La la la la la la la” real loud and don’t buy a word of it. At least you know whoever you are dealing with isn’t a cop, but you certainly aren’t going to receive the product you are paying for.
  7. One last bonus thing you can do to protect yourself – Ask for a picture. A legitimate seller will typically have no problem emailing or texting you a photo of their product. Once you’ve received it, cross check Google images to make sure it’s not a stock photo or image they simply repurposed for their own nefarious uses. People do this all the time. If the picture isn’t on the web, you still can’t be certain you’re dealing with someone legit, he could use the same picture he took four years ago in all of his scams. But if you find the same picture on the first two or three pages of Google images, you can be 100% certain you are dealing with a scammer.

Okay, now that you know what to look for in a scammer, let’s go over what to look for when trying to find your drug of choice on Craigslist. Because no good seller is simply going to place an ad that says “I’ve got heroin! Come and get it! Here’s my phone number, email and address…”

  1. All sellers use key words to identify their product. If you are looking for heroin, don’t limit yourself to just names for heroin; broaden your search to include all opiates. It’s not uncommon to see a string of keywords at the bottom of a seller’s post that reads something like this…

Black, tar, Roofing tar, chiva , yellows, norcos, dog food, H, chi, china white, horse, heroin, roxy shorts, roxy size 30, 30mgs, roxy blues, blue, oxy, oxycontin, opana, 80’s, Subs, BTH, Vicodin, Vics, painkillers, benxo’s, Xanax, valium, opiates, morphine, pain medicine.

For crystal meth, try words like, addy, Adderall, study buddy, tina (or gina and tina for GHB and meth), diet aid, weight loss, ice, crys, 30mgs, cady.

These are some common examples, but new ones make the list all the time. Including these key words in the post will ensure anyone who types in any of them will be directed to their page. This has become a little less common lately, but I still see it around. Try any slang word you use for your drug of choice and see if something pops up! It can’t hurt (providing you’re using a VPN that is!)

  1. Once you’ve located your DoC, you need to contact the seller to set up the sale. Most people provide their cell phone. While it’s totally fine to text the first time you reach out to him, it’s important that you still call at some point before meeting face to face. You can get a good sense of a person just by talking to them and noting their mannerisms. If you sense that something doesn’t seem right – if he doesn’t sound comfortable, or he’s to formal or anything all, bail – don’t go through with it and start your search again.
  2. When you’re setting up a meeting spot, the more public the location the better. Not only with this help keep you safe from physical harm, but it protects the location of your home and your family, gives you the option to bring a backup witness to hide within the crowd in case something goes wrong, and allows you to check out the seller remotely before approaching him. Again, if something doesn’t seem right about the scene when you arrive, bail.
  3. Before you hand over any money, ask to examine the product. Obviously if you are doing the transaction in a public place you want to be discrete about this. But you can always migrate to your car or head into a public restroom together. Once you’ve verified the legitimacy of the product, then hand over the cash. No legit dealer will flinch over this. Only the scammers. So don’t be afraid to ask!

So, that’s basically the lowdown. If you’re determined to go through craigslist, or feel you don’t have any options, at least go about it wisely and with your full guard up. Nothing can be guaranteed when meeting strangers online in person. But someone with good sense can generally spot most scammers. But in case of the worst, always bring a friend along. He can watch from afar and take appropriate action is something goes awry. Calling the cops over a drug deal isn’t always our first instinct, but if something goes seriously wrong, if you’re physically assaulted or a victim of grand theft, don’t be afraid. You don’t need to tell them why you were meeting. If the scammer tries to blab, make him out to be a liar as well as a thief! You’ve got the upper hand and the cops will take your side.

I have had quite a bit of success with craigslist over the years and have met many good connects that way. I’ve also been ripped off, even when following all these rules and examining the product. SO it is a crap shoot. But keep at it, don’t let the losses get to you and you will have success.  Try exploring other options as well though… like the Dark Web!! J

Good luck my friends! Let me know if you have any success! J

Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll!


7 thoughts on “Ask a Junky: How to Score Drugs in a New City (HINT: Craigslist!)

  1. jThe best way I’ve found is go to the shitty part of town and look for people who look strung out. I was in Denver about 10 minutes before I was hooked up . Either that, or find the methadone clinic. First day in Pasadena, I hit the clinic, and had a new connect within the hour. Go where junkies are!


  2. And I wouldn’t exactly call this wave of opiate addiction “propaganda”. The number of opioid overdoses has QUADROUPLED in the last 12 years. That’s not “make believe”. That’s fact.


  3. Thought i found a legit plug for ski last week via craigslist nyc. Deal went well and product was of fair quality. Met him last night for an 8 ball and it turned oit to be crushed asprin or something like that. I just keep getting screwed.


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