Are YOU ready for the next SOCK JUNKY?!?!

Because the wait is finally OVER! The third edition of Sock Junky is finally here!! You might be saying, “Yeah, right D_D. That’s what you said last night before your post was quickly taken down, denying us of the promises within.” I know, I know. I’m sorry. I had some technical errors with Youtube. But rather than deny you another day without a new Sock Junky, I said “Fuck it!” to Youtube and moved my business over to Vimeo for the time being 🙂

So let’s take two and try this again… I’m pleased to announce the eagerly awaited release of Sock Junky III: The “Foot Sock” Edition!! Here we shift focus slightly away from the thigh highs so prevalent in the first two Sock Junkies and downwards towards the feet in this special Foot Sock edition! (but don’t worry, it’s all ALL foot socks 😉

So… Without further ado, I hope you thoroughly enjoy Sock Junky III: “Foot Sock” Edition!


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