UPDATE: Ask a Junky: Buying Drugs in a New City (HINT: Craigslist)

Okay, so I have an update to this post. It’s kinda funny because it’s probably been about two years since I actually did buy buy drugs off craigslist. But the same night, or maybe the next night after I published this post, I found myself in need of drugs in an unfamiliar, out of the way town without a car. And since ordering from Agora on the Deep Web would take too long, I naturally turned to Craigslist. First I tried searching for heroin, or “roofing tar” and I found a few within a 30 minute drive, one supposedly the next town over. One wouldn’t drive that far and didn’t want me coming to him, one I could have taken the bus to meet up and one wanted, um, anal sex in trade, lol. So I decided to post a wanted add before taking a bus ride that would have been more like and hours plus each way. I was overwhelmed with responses. I probably had 20 people respond to me. I found a girl who got hit me back really quickly and her boyfriend came over and kicked it with me for an hour or so. I bought some in cash and we did some trade for LSD and MDMA. And she brought a few cool toys to smoke out of too. So overall, it was a really successful venture. I also got the names and numbers of a few other people who not only service this area, but my area downtown area too. So I might have made a few solid connects as well. I give the whole experience an A+. Here’s my post, in case you want to see exactly what I said…

Out of Town Girl In Need of Black Roofing Tar, ASAP – $40

Hi I’m from DTLA, but am visiting a friend here in (CITY NAME). I ran out of my supply of roofing tar and need to get my roof well tonight. It’s very sick looking, I should have done this 2 days ago. I need a half gallon if the price is the going rate. I would prefer delivery, simply because my roofs so sick looking, I should stay and watch it to make sure it doesn’t crumble. But if necessary, I can take the bus if you can help me figure out the public transit system around here. Please help if you’re able. If you’re reading this, I know you know what it’s like to have your roof in such bad shape and unable to repair itself. Also, if you’re just a roof hobbyist and only have enough to patch a small hole, that would be appreciated too. 

Can do cash or trade.

If you have any success on craigslist, or any other Clear Web site, let us know where and how you did it! You just might help out someone else who’s in a jam!

Ps. another short story about one of the last times we tried to by heroin from craigslist. Greg and I were coming from an out of town trip and we were running on fumes and getting pretty sick. It was too late at night to hook up with any of our connects, so we started trollin’ Craigslist. We actually got two hits. One of the guys turned out to be Middle Eastern just like Greg from Burbank and a really shy nervous guy who didn’t look like he ever touched heroin before in his life but was tying to get rid of it for a family member. The other guy was a straight from a gang block of downtown and someone Greg had talked to before through craigslist. . The product in both cases seemed real, looked real and it wasn’t you started to cook it up wrong that you realized with was actually brown paper bags cut in strips and soaked. I can not believe that these two guys were working together in two completely different socio-economic parts of Los Angeles and the thug guy actually sent Greg to the ATM to get the $5 bucks he was short with the product, so he had to have known that Greg was going to try to do it and realize it was fake and then potentially come back to him house (yes, we met in his apartment) and Lord knows what. But there was definitely larger scheme being played out here on the junkies and possibly some of the wanna be dealers in Los Angeles. I tried looking it up online, since it happened twice to us, it had to have been happening to other people as well. But I was never able to find anything. If you know anything at all about the paper bag heroin that was being pushed online about 4 years ago, please let me know. I’m fascinated by the whole thing and would love to learn more! Of if you know about a different scam, either past or present, let us know! The only similarity we could find between the two paper bag guys is that some of their texts were eerily similar, almost too much so to be a coincidence. But still. Not enough evidence to make me believe they were working together.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ask a Junky: Buying Drugs in a New City (HINT: Craigslist)

  1. Thank you for posting this. This is a lot of help! New cities suck if you don’t have a connect. I hope this works for me. Been on the hunt for 3 miserable fucking months now. Been put in shitty situations or blew money and it’s never the product I’m looking for anytime I get close to finding anything. I can’t believe how fucking hard it is to find some damn Herron in supposedly the biggest drug city.! Wish me luck!


  2. Love that post!

    Never have gotten fake heroin! 2 people that just ran off with my $, one of whom had someone “wait with” me, too! Alternately, high cut and/or skimpy. Actually, the sole fake drug ever sold to me has been LSD, several times!


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