Congratulations! A Reason to Celebrate!

I’m a little late coming out with this post, but I couldn’t just let the occasion slip by without an acknowledgement! We’ve got something to celebrate and I think it’s pretty spectacular, considering. This blog has been in existence for almost exactly three years now, including the first incarnation on Blogger. During those three years I have received many comments from some extraordinary people. There’s been tons of questions submitted for Ask a Junky (in fact too many for me to keep up with!), people have shared their experience and stories regarding heroin and addiction, lots of readers expressed gratitude and relief for finally finding a place where they could freely communicate and talk with other others who’ve had similar experiences, even many non-users have given thanks for giving them a glimpse into a world previously unknown. I’ve become friends with many of my readers, especially non-users for some reason. And not once in those entire three years have I received one negative comment, either on the pages of this blog or via email. Despite the fact this is a blog that openly talks about, graphically depicts on photograph and film, and gives instructional information on one of the world’s most hated and reviled substances – heroin. 99% of the heroin content online talks about how evil and devastating it is, and how vile and pathetic users are. But not here. Here we do away with the myths and the propaganda and only discuss the actualities of heroin. What it does, how it affects the body, how users are treated, how to be as safe as possible while using. Many parts of this blog are just for fun, exploring the humor in heroin and its use. I know many people consider this a pro-heroin blog. But that was never my intent. It wanted the world to see what the life of at least one heroin addict was really like, and how different it was than the generally accepted norm. I also wanted to provide harm reduction education and emotional support to other users who may feel alone and discriminated against in their communities. Our lives are nothing like Law & Order SVU so commonly depicts, and it’s time the world sees the truth. I was prepared to be flamed from the beginning. My heroin use was never taken kindly to by the other forum members on phantasytour and almost every non-user in my life, both in person and online, pressured me quit – or just cut me out of their life entirely. So I expected a flood of hate-filled comments chastising me for polluting the world with my evil junky thoughts. What a pleasant surprise to have support flood in from every walk of life, all over the world. I couldn’t thank everyone enough. I’m sure there have been some silent haters. But they’ve been respectful enough to keep their opinions to themselves, and that’s the best I could hope for!

Until September 29, 2015. On this date Heroin Is My Heroin received its first negative comment from a reader who calls himself Pete Mydick. He wrote, “You really should just get loaded and do port since you have no desire for life.” Sweet guy, huh? He’s clearly read my blog thoroughly, since my hatred for life just spills over these pages. Then two days later he writes another snide comment, proof that he’s been watching the blog, looking to fuel his hate-fed fire. I will never understand why people have to be such haters to people they’ve never met – based solely on an activity they don’t share. That’s like hating someone who likes to ride dirt bikes just because you don’t. But I don’t want to focus on the negativity of one comment. I want to celebrate the fact that it took this long to receive even one! I think that’s pretty damn awesome!

I have to give a big – HUGE – THANK YOU to all of my readers for being the positive, supportive, using or non-using, open-minded people that you are. If our society is ever going to shift its idea of how we view heroin addicts, it’s going to be because of you. You will be the folks that will champion progress and evoke change. It won’t be the naysaying, blind critics who feel it necessary to bring down everyone and everything around them with their hate-filled bigotry. Always remember the age-old adage that your mother taught you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” You’ll go a lot farther in life, make a lot more friends and be much happier by following this simple rule. And to Pete MyDick, all I have to say is that your name is as clever and original as your weak cheap-shot. Slanderous insults based on no fact or reason have zero effect on me. They actually draw the opposite response; I feel sorry for the slanderer’s ignorance. I also know all the hate and mockery they put out in the world is an outward expression of their own self-loathing and inner turmoil. It must be tough to go through life with that much anger. So to you, Pete Mydick, I hope you find a way to channel that anger productively and find the inner peace you are missing. Admittedly, I have my own issues to deal with, no doubt. I struggle to deal with them every single day. But I know that putting other people down will only further my struggle to live an authentic life. Negative criticism never positively influences anybody. It’s a mean, petty schoolyard antic that only the weakest adults still employ. Typically, I refrain from acknowledging juvenile taunts. Giving them the satisfaction of engaging me would only egg them on. It’s simply amazing that it’s been three years without any of this nonsense!!

Three years of amazing, supportive, educational, confessional, honest, open-minded communication from so many amazing people I’ve had to honor of getting to know thanks to this blog – all about heroin! I couldn’t ask for anything more. Except maybe another three  years with the same positive reader feedback 😉 You guys rock! If I had to get up every morning and rifle through a bunch of hate mail, I would not have the strength to keep this up. It’s because of you guys that this blog keeps running. And I couldn’t thank you enough! I wish I could tell each of you individually, but hopefully this mass thank-you post will adequately express my gratitude!

Here’s to another hate-free three years!

Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll!



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