Welcome Back! Our Grand Re-Opening! (Now Under New URL)

My friends! I’m so happy to finally have a new post to publish! And there is a great schedule of new content in store for you as well! About time! However, today I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. To conform to the order that modern society has dictated, the bad news first… I’m distraught to inform you that heroinismyheroin.com has been bought out from under me. My creativity and written word has been given a price and will be sold to the highest bidder by a company who exists solely to buy and sell domain names for outrageous prices, snatching them right out from under their rightful owners when the opportunity presents itself. Ensuring a 400% profit, they are starting the bid at almost $800. There is no way that I could afford that, even if I wanted to support such an ugly business model. I just freaking got the money together to pay the renewal fee for the damn domain name. It pisses me off that my creative work can be so easily claimed by somebody else. But there you have it. So for now, we will continue to use heroinismyheroin.wordpress.com. But I also intend on purchasing heroinismyheroin.net in the near future as well. So look for that change coming up. Bad news delivered.

Now for the good news! I’ve started blogging again! This is my return post. There’s been so much I’ve wanted to blog about, but first I needed to get this URL up to date. And it’s still not done! Though remarkably better, a ton of content from the header menu sections is missing. I’ve been working on it for weeks now. Finally, it’s decent enough to at least start posting again. I’ll attend to the details in time.

If you had any idea how much I’ve missed keeping this blog active and communicating with all of you guys you would no doubt consider me a little loony. But I honestly love this blog and the people I meet through it! Someone recently posted a link of me on Reddit in the CringeAnarchy forum which, as the name suggests, is a forum dedicated to cringe-worthy online content. I know how this can all be perceived, especially by someone who doesn’t bother to read the content. I knew when I started this blog – way back when it was ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll’ on Blogger – how it was going to be perceived. Not only am I prepared for and expect that type of response. In fact, I find it amusing. Let’s not forget that Deemster_Diva did start as a troll after all. I came into existence by thriving on negative responses from others.

My hope is that those of you who might find benefit from the content on these pages will find your way to it somehow. Whether it be by divine inspiration or the subtle direction of some ill-natured fairy is of no concern to me. I’m just happy you’re here. And based on the amount of communication I receive from readers, I know that I owe a debt of gratitude to at least a couple fairies with questionable motives. I’ve done absolutely zero marketing for this blog, yet last year (before I went to jail and lost the domain) it averaged about 1,000 views a day for over a year! That’s no joke!  That is solid evidence that there is a thirsty market for this type of content. Yet the web is a variable desert wasteland, offering next to nothing by way of quality, factual, useful, entertaining content for drug users, specifically the most misunderstood and generally vilified sub-section of that demographic, heroin addicts.

Yet never fear my melancholy mainliners! Though forced into silence by our oppressors, you’ve always held the central most place in my heart.  I understand you must have felt abandoned and betrayed, but I have never left you. They may have imposed a temporary silence on me, they may have forced my sobriety, they might have revoked our very name and destroyed the location of our central headquarters, but we will not be dismantled. I passed time patiently, laying in wait, plotting, till the right moment struck to break my gag order. Now that those bonds have been broken, prepare yourself for a floodgate of new,  pertinent, and as always, controversial information. And if they gag me a thousand times over, my response will not vary. My voice will not soften. My words will not be abated. For I am the Voice for the Junkies and we will not be silenced!

So yeah, um.

anyways. . .

Be sure to change your bookmark to heroinismyheroin.wordpress.com and check back often for new haiku, guest bloggers, news stories, dark web and bitcoin updates, a seemingly endless backlog of Ask A Junky questions and new content covering all things Drugs, featuring everyone’s favorite narcotic, Heroin!

(lighten up people! It’s just heroin 🙂

As always…

Peace, Love & Rock ‘n Roll!!



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