A Love Poem to Heroin

You make me so happy, I love you my dear.
My heart skips a beat every time that you’re  near.

Some mock my devotion, they call me a slave.
They don’t understand that I’m  yours till the grave.

I’ll do all you ask.  You’re my only concern.
All I ask is your undying love in return.

Your aroma intoxicates, your touch is pure bliss.
I’d forsake all I know for even one kiss.

You fill a hole I’m my life I didn’t recognize.
Your love takes me places all reality denies.

I spend each day thinking of new ways to please.
For you I’d cross mountains and deserts and seas.

Now that I found you I won’t let you go.
I can’t live without you. I thought you should know.

It may sound obsessive but please always stay near.
Your ascents brings panic, heartache and tears.

What else can I do, to prove my love’s true?
My blood, will and life I freely give you.

I’m sure that your love’s as devoted as mine.
But babe is it cool if I ask for a sign?

I called you all night but the phone rang and rang.
You must be in trouble to leave me to hang.

I can’t stand when you’re gone. It makes me straight sick.
You got me all twisted. Your love’s hard to kick.

I spent all night waiting and pacing the floor.
Anticipating the moment that you open the door.

Chills make me shiver. I’m nauseous and sore.
I can’t leave the bed it’s too much to endure.

It’s not psychosomatic. My symptoms are real.
Baby come back. I need you to heal.

How can you leave me like this, sick and alone?
You told me you loved me, but can’t answer the phone?

Has this all been a game? Did you plot my demise?
Well, you won. Game over. My soul is your prize.

The fact that you’d leave me while I’m in this pain.
Only proves that my love for you is totally insane.

I bought the deceit you whispered to start.
But your words turned to posion, you’ve broken my heart.

It might sound cliche, but walk a mile in my shoes.
Some block the pain with wine, drugs or booze.

I turned to you, love. Your my schedule one drug.
I morbidly watched as my grave plot you dug.

It’s been seven days since I saw you last.
I’ve done nothing but ponder life now and the past.

Fiercely independent, I lived happily alone.
Now feeble and weak,  I’m chilled to the bone.

It’s no use pretending, I’m completely addicted.
You’ve taken my freedom, my self-will restricted.

I’m the shell of the person I once used to be.
I don’t call the shots. I’m no longer free.

I’ve accepted the fact that my love’s unrequited.
But still I choose you, love. On that I’m decided.

Spend nights away. Treat me I’ll. Tell me lies.
I’ll believe all you tell me. My temper won’t rise.

The fucked up part is how I don’t care.
I’ve freely surrendered. I don’t cry or despair.

So do what you want with me. I’m your puppet to use.
Just tell me you love me and I’m yours to abuse.


One thought on “A Love Poem to Heroin

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