White House Marijuana Scandal

Have you read all about the latest scandal I re-blogged under the Legalize It section of Drug News header? No?! You don’t set aside time each day to check each and every subsection of this blog tirelessly for updates?! Well, maybe you should start…

What? I’m serious. You’d probably find a lot of interesting sections and updates you didn’t know existed. And you’ll have a whole new reason to waste time online. At least this one doesn’t cost you anything!

For those of you aren’t religious followers of Heroin Is My Heroin (yet…), click the link below to go directly to the article and get caught up with the rest of us. Go ahead. We’ll wait for you. Everyone grab a buddy. We won’t go on until we can all move forward together as a group.

Marijuana Scandal: The Next President Hasn’t Used It

Ya’ll back? Is your buddy next to you? Raise your hand if you’re missing your cyber buddy? Alright, now that everyone’s accounted for, on to the main theme for the day.

After reading that article, here’s today’s food for thought: Would you prefer the leader of your country to be a teetotaler who completely abstains from all drugs? Or, do you want a leader who did experiment with mind-altering substances in college, maybe even keeps his rolling skills fresh and openly tokes in the oval office now and again when hit with a migraine (or just a really, really bad day running the free world). Or, sliding further left, maybe you believe psychoactive substances are good for gaining new perspective and opening your mind, which could be useful when meeting with leaders from countries who have nothing in common with our own country and, in fact, despise us just for who we are and what we believe. Or, perhaps you don’t mind if the President and First Lady have an MDMA fueled anniversary while on their annual vacation. I’m going to go out on a limb and make the bold assumption that nobody wants a president to indulge in recreational drug use while on the clock or on call. But if I’m wrong and your opinions are more liberal than I initially suspected, please let your thoughts be known! Write your opinions in the comments section of the poll. If anyone can present a well thought out, persuasive, honest argument on why the president should be an active drug user, I’d love to possibly have you as a guest blogger!

So what’s your opinion? Should the President abstain from recreational drug use white in office (and should liquor be included in that exemption)? Or is a certain amount of chemical relaxation acceptable? If so, how much and when? Practice for election day now. Vote on how chemically experienced you’d like our next President to be!




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