Be a Man, Accept Rejection

It’s your lucky day! It’s time for my next poem! This one is dedicated to every man who has tried and failed. You’ll know who you are…

You must have me twisted, you’re thirsty my son.rejection-get-used-to-it
Your mouth needs a washing and we’ve only begun.

Are you really that stupid or just filled with false pride?
You can’t really believe you’re the only one who’s tried.

Fuck the stories you’ve heard. Fuck the scandalous lies. Fuck the liars who tell them. They’ll meet their demise.

My words are my truth. I say what I mean.
There’s no hidden message. Don’t read in between.

Please don’t get me fucked up, I ain’t nobody’s toy.
The last thing I’ll be is a notch for some boy.

I know you’re confused, ego torn, black and bruised.
Let me spell it out simply, I’m not yours to be used.

You’ve got nothing to offer I can’t find in spades.
I won’t settle for average, I want kink in all shades.

I don’t have the desires you think I’m resisting.
Your just not my type. It’s no use insisting.

Keep your hands to yourself. Keep your nasty thoughts quite.
Think I’m foolin’ ya son? I dare ya to try it.

Stop staring at me with that puppy dog look.
You think you’re unique but your plays been textbook.

Not four times or six times, not eight times or nine.
But ten times a day I hear “Baby, you’re fine!”

So excuse my frustration if I come off as ice,
But you’re the last in a long line and I’m done being nice.

I know what you’re thinking. I know you’re type well.
What will your homies think? What if I tell?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned when it’s your word against mine,
If the story is juicy they’ll buy every line.

I know that rejections not easy to hear.
But there’s one thing I want to make perfectly clear.

I’m not afraid that you’ll hurt me. I’m not reserved or closed off.
I’m not damaged or broken or afraid you’ll run off.

I don’t shy from commitment. I like girls, that one’s true.
But it’s got nothing to do with it. I just don’t like you.

Need I say more?



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