Spice Warning – Los Angeles

! Health Advisory !

There has been an increase in overdose fatalities in the Skid Row Area from Spice!spice

Spice is a synthetic marijuana substance most often sold in the form of rolled cigarettes or joints.

Adverse health symptoms are occurring in both those who consume spice and by those who inhale nearby fumes.

Seizures, convulsion, asphyxiation, paranoia, comma and death have all been reported by those who have come in contact with the drug. Know what you are smoking and don’t ever take anything you do not feel comfortable putting in your body! And remember people, pot is legal now in California! No need for this synthetic stuff… just go get the real deal. I don’t want to hear about any of your dying on me, especially from Spice! I’m only tough because I care 🙂 But seriously…

Maintain Caution and Be Safe!!


To read more about this drug and decide for yourself if the dangers are worth the risk, here is a link to a paper addressing a question written by a few contributors to The Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

Spice: Harmless Incense or Cannabinoid Designer Drugs



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