What’s Your Flavor? Dope, Dope or Dope?

As we know, the English language has changed dramatically through the years, leaving us with along history of Germanic and French words for things, morphed into our modern local colloquial,. The drug-using community has a vernacular which has been particularly prone to region and era-sensitive slang. For obvious reasons. We want to be able to talk freely, without the nosy people who might be eavesdropping on our conversation being able to decipher what we’re talking about. There are a hundred names for everything, how to buy it and what it costs. But one of the more confusing terms over the years has been the simple word, dope. It’s generally been the accepted name for every drug out there at one point in time. My older friends use it to refer to marijuana. Most junkies I know call heroin dope. But the mostly widely accepted use of dope now is for crystal methamphetamine. I know crack-cocaine users call use dope for their drug of choice as well. It seems to me it just takes on the personality of the most popular drug at any given time. Since meth is a dopamine releasing drug, like cocaine, I’m cool with it’s new popular definition. But my question is to you is, what do you mean when you say dope?



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