Hotrails Redux!

So someone had submitted an Ask a Junky question a while back about hotrails. In response I posted a video of a me blowing out a huge hotrail cloud. While stylistic and cool looking, it was more of an artistic statement and didn’t provide much of anything on how to do an actual hotrail. While this video doesn’t include any on-screen text describing the steps required, if you watch closely, it’s pretty easy to see what I’m doing. If you do have questions regarding the steps, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll answer them all on this page for everyone to benefit from. 

It’s a pretty straight forward process, with a fun twist and impressive results. Basically, it goes like this…

Tools Required :

  • A  flat mirror or other hard, non-scratch surface that can endure molten temperature
  • A glass stem, like the kind used for smoking crack
  • A razor or credit card, to chopped crystals into fine powder
  • A torch, or something with a hot enough flame to heat the tip of the glass stem till glowing red
  • Crystal Methamphetamine 

Step 1 – Chop your meth up into extremely fine powder, or as close as possible. 

Step 2 – Cut your desired dose into lines. You can go a little bigger than normal meth rails because it’s not going to burn like acid running down your nose. If done right, you won’t feel much at all when you inhale – definitely one of the benefits of a hotrail!

Step 3 – Heat the end of the glass stem with the torch. Keep the flame on that one end until it begins to glow a smoldering red.

Step 4 – Quickly, before the end has time to cool down any, hold the cool end (or rubber tipped end) to your nose. Inhale the whole line.

Step 5 – Exhale through your mouth, or nose, just expect to blow out a huge smoke cloud, like a dragon!

And now you hotrail! There are tips and little tricks to improve the result, like holding the stem just above the line so that it vaporizes the crystals, rather than melting them to the surface. But first get the basics down, then you can worry about refining your technique. 

Since we apparently can’t comprehend anything we read online without an accompanying video (and because this post is officially classified as a Smoking Series video and not Ask a Junky), I’ve made a video to demonstrate. Now that you know the steps, follow along in the video and see how each one is done.

Hotrails Redux! (Smoking Video #2b)


2 thoughts on “Hotrails Redux!

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    Sending love


  2. I love the song that’s playing in the “Hotrails Redux” video. Can u give me the name of the song , and artist?

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