Smoking Video #6 – The Hot Knife Method

If you love smoking, and you haven’t tried (or mastered) the hot knife method, let me give you a little tip. The hits are so much more powerful when done with glass rods, like the kind that can be found in any head shop, usually for dabs. I have friends that use paperclips, actual knives, or other long metal stick like objects. But my problem with these is that they don’t hold the heat long enough to give you a very large hit. I’ve also known people to do this without a a sucker to inhale with. I didn’t like that method at all. You get a much more focused pull when you use a hollow object like a straw. It might seem like there is a lot of wasted smoke when you watch this video, when compared to Chasing the Dragon, but in truth, it’s actually a much larger hit. You just couldn’t take it in all at once.

When attempting to do the Hot Knife Method, you’ll need essentially 4 things, plus your heroin.

  1. A long glass or metal stick like object that can take tremendous heat.
  2. A matching stick like object to place the heroin on to heat.
  3. A tube, glass, straw or other, to inhale the smoke that’s released.
  4. A torch.
  5. Heroin

A tube for inhaling smoke.

Two rods for heating the heroin.








For the rest of the demonstration,  you can follow along with the video.

We’ve covered a lot of methods to for smoking by now, Chasing the Dragon, Hotrails, Water Bong, Smoking Heroin From Glass, The Hot Knife Method. Which one of these was your favorite? And more importantly, What do you want to see next? I’ve got some cool ones up my sleeve, but I’d love to hear what you want to see next!


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