Ask a Junky

If you haven’t read my original post announcing the launch of Ask a Junky, here’s the skinny….

Over the past few months I’ve received quite a few emails from people, both junky and non-junky alike, asking a variety of questions about heroin and its use. Questions have ranged from how to help a heroin addicted friend, to what to expect during withdraws. While I try my best to answer everybody individually, I thought is would be a good idea to address the more common and prevalent questions  in my blog, so that others can benefit from the response as well.

Obviously I would never reveal the names of the people who contact me with personal questions.  If you have any questions regarding heroin, especially if you think others could benefit from the response as well, please send them over! I’ll be happy to address them privately or publicly – omitting your name of course. If you don’t want your question answered publicly, just let me know and be happy to keep your discretion. I’m also happy to announce that we will have some guest bloggers for this section as well! So you’ll get the benefit of multiple points of view from people who have lived and breathed heroin addiction, and in some cases, even beat it!

To make things simple for you, I’m including this contact form. Please, ask anything want. No question is irrelevant or too silly. Let’s put an end to misinformation and lies and get the facts straight! One question at a time. I promise, I’ll be straight-forward and direct. No sugar coating, no spinning, no hype. Just the facts. So go ahead… Ask a Junky!

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