Not everyone is in a position to be completely honest and open about this type of lifestyle. They have too much at stake… I don’t have that bourdon. So this is what I choose to do; both to help other addicts and to help clear up popular misconceptions and unjust stereotypes that hurt all of us who, as adults, choose to put drugs in our bodies, even if the rest of the word does not agree with that choice. … More Exposed!

Congratulations! A Reason to Celebrate!

I’m a little late coming out with this post, but I couldn’t just let the occasion slip by without an acknowledgment! We’ve got something to celebrate and I think it’s pretty spectacular, considering. This blog has been in existence for almost exactly three years now, including the first incarnation on Blogger. During those three years, … More Congratulations! A Reason to Celebrate!

Great Harm Reduction Websites

Here is my recommended list of harm reduction websites that every drug user should check out. While injection drug use is the primary focus on many of these sites, all drug use, including psychedelics and alcohol consumption, is covered.  Harm Reduction International – HRI is a leading non-governmental organization working to reduce the negative health, … More Great Harm Reduction Websites

Ask a Junky – “What’s It Like to Be a Heroin Addict?”

Question: “What’s it like to be a heroin addict?” Answer: This is a common question from people unfamiliar with the heroin world. While it may seem like a reasonable question – direct and to the point – to me it’s loaded. Asking someone what it’s like to be a heroin addict is like asking a female … More Ask a Junky – “What’s It Like to Be a Heroin Addict?”