Digital Trail Led Silk Road Probers to Ulbricht

“NEW YORK – One of the messages from the Silk Road darknet drug-trafficking trial is that what happens on the Internet almost always stays on the Internet — and can be retrieved.

Manhattan federal court testimony by IRS Special Agent Gary Alford provided a confirmatory demonstration to jurors Monday as he described the digital trail that led investigators to arrest alleged Silk Road mastermind Ross William Ulbricht.

Ulbricht apparently made a mistake in Oct. 2011, the year the site launched, Alford’s testimony showed. Using a routine Google search of the Internet for information about Silk Road, Alford said he discovered someone who used the online name “Altoid” had posted a message to a bitcoin discussion forum seeking “the best and brightest IT (Internet technology) pro in the bitcoin community.”

Describing a potential job with a “venture-backed bitcoin startup,” the posting directed applicants to send inquiries to Prosecutors contend that was the alleged Silk Road mastermind’s personal email address.” CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Digital trail led Silk Road probers to Ulbricht