High Costs Force Patience To Dark Net In Search Of Needed Medicine

An article published on darkwebnews.com on alternatively sourcing needed medicine in a

“I think it’s a terrible tragedy for anyone in society to be left in a situation where they cannot afford the medication they need to survive. However, we have all heard the stories of the costs of American medicine. Even though you get probably the best medical care in the world, the reality is that a large amount of people just cannot afford treatment that would otherwise save their lives. In their desperation, many have started to turn to the now widely publicized Dark Net drug markets for their much needed treatments.

In the foreground of this story, is a man named Mike, who lost his father to Leukemia, and whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer just ten years later. When his father was sick, Mike had urged him to travel to France, so that he could avail of affordable generic drugs, which were available at a fraction of the cost of their American counterparts, which were outside of Mike’s financial reach. However, his father stubbornly refused, and died some months later.

The world changed quite a lot in the following ten years, however, and when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Mike was determined that he was going to do all he could to provide her with the medication she needed. Even though his 75 year old mother had health insurance, it only covered 80% of the costs. After she had to undergo a double mastectomy, along with radiation treatments and a medication regime, the costs started to increase, $170,000 in total, according to Mike. This meant he had to pay $34,000 in out of pocket costs.” CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE>>>>>>>