I Find Joy Only Through Heeding My Master’s Word

“Spread your ass cheeks”.

My head was spinning from lack of oxygen or food. My skin my balmy and my face stung where it had been repeatedly slapped over the last 24 hours. I slowly began to come-to when I heard my masters voice enter the bedroom.

He released the cuffs that kept my wrists tied to the bed, but left the ankle binds on. Obediently, I placed my hands on either side of my ass SpreadAssand pulled the flesh apart, letting him see my pussy and ass. He had plugged me before he left for work. The plug had been in place for over 8 hours now and I was dying for it to come out. My neck, restrained with a rope leading down to my waste, pointed forward and my head was buried in a pillow, but I could hear him undress as my hands continued to display my most venerable parts.

I thought I heard voices in the other room. ‘Not typical’ I thought. I heard his pants drop to the floor and the belt was removed. “I bet you want me to leave your ass plug in you filthy little ass whore. But I have other plans for you tonight.” CRACK! The belt landed squarely on my ass. I bit down harder on the pillow stifling a scream. The more noise I made, the harder the belt would come down. I knew I was in for a long night, so I stayed as silent as possible.

He undid the ankle binds and flipped me around on my back. Lifting my legs well over my head so my filled ass was completely exposed, he slowly removed the plug – sending uncontrollable shivers through my entire body. Coming closer to my face, he grabbed me hard by the hair and kissed me. “I brought my friends over tonight. I want to show them what a good little girl you are. You will do everything to make them happy, do you understand?” I closed my eyes and nodded my head in agreement. He kissed me one more time, but as soon as he pulled way his cock was coming straight for my mouth. He gagged me hard. Three major thrusts and my throat opened. He was preparing me for the evenings activates.

Pulling me up by the hair he dragged me naked into the living room. I was trained to keep my eyes down and not make any eye contact, but I could see there were about five other men in the room. And another girl. She was dressed professionally, and looked a little scared – I made quick eye contact with her and then looked away, fearing my punishment if I was caught.

He threw me down over the leather ottoman that centered the room, kicked my legs apart and shoved his fingers into my pussy. He took out the leash that was in his pocket and attached it to my collar. Pulling my head back as he finger fucked me. “Gentlemen, this is our toy for the evening. I hope each and every one of you feels completely at ease using her at your own will. This dirty little whore wants to feel each one of your cocks in all of her holes. She lies in bed dreaming about it all day. Stupid slut can’t get a job except to suck dick. I say give her want she wants. Filthy whore deserves to be shown how a woman should be treated.”

At that, his fingers were removed. His hard cock quickly took their place and he thrust into my pussy with intense force. Pulling out, he moved his attention to my ass. Plunging his cock, without any warm up or lube, as far into my ass as possible. I let out a scream, but that just led to a tighter pull on the leash. As my head was forced back, his cock went back and forth between my pussy and my ass, back and forth. When I was able to open my eyes, I saw another one of the gentlemen coming towards me, undoing his pants as he approached. His cock was huge, It was bigger than my masters. He grabbed my neck and shoved one of his hands into my mouth, pushing his fingers down my throat. “You better be able to take my whole cock you stupid cunt.” With that he withdrew his fingers and jammed his cock as far down my throat as it would go at first. I choked uncontrollably. Gagging and coughing. He pulled out half way and covered my nose with his hand. That forced CU BJmy throat open and the rest of is dick slid right down my throat. My gag reflex was under control… but he was still a lot to take. He throat fucked me hard, not letting me come up for air at all. All the while my ass and pussy were being dominated by Master. My mouth intruder pulled out most of the way and told me to caress the tip with my tongue. As I did so, I darted my eyes across the room to see the other young female on her knees. She was now naked, and each man was lined up receiving blow jobs one after another. They had placed a vibrating dildo inside her that worked as double penetrator. I could see the young girl vibrating slightly as her head bobbed around a hard cock.

A sharp slap across my face brought my attention back to my current face fuck. “Don’t worry about anything that is going on over there. You will fuck her too tonight, but you have a lot of cum to taste before we put you two together.” I saw her take another massive cock down her throat, forcing saliva to drip out of her mouth and down her chin. Suddenly I felt my master retreat from the ass to vag penetration and come around to my face, the unknown gentlemen removed his cock as a huge line of pre-cum was drawn from my lips. My master pointed his cock directly at me and shot his hot white cum all over my pretty face. My tongue naturally came out and caught as much as I could, tasting the creamy gift. He took his hands and rubbed his cum all over my face leaving my hair to stick to my cheeks and white residue which I knew I would sleep with all night, filling my nose with the sweet sent.

At that point the other gentlemen flipped me over on my back. My head fell backwards hanging off the ottoman. He moved towards my genitals and slightly touched the opening of my ass. I knew that cock was going to be a lot to handle and was happy I was now more warmed up. He drove his cock straight into my ass. I screamed and got another quick slap to the face from Master. “Be a good fucking slut and take that cock. This is what you were made to do. It’s the only thing you are good for.”

One of the men who had been previously occupied by the oral giver on the other side of the room now grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over to me. As my head hung loosely over the ottoman, my body was being pounded. He pushed her head into my crotch, millimeters away from the cock pounding my ass. “Spit on her” he told the girl. She obediently spit on my pussy, mixing my moisture with her saliva. He pushed her face into my vag and I felt her tongue wonder around, tasting me.

He took his cock and placed it in my mouth as my head hung upside down. “I’m not going to throat fuck you. I want you to do all the work. And don’t get distracted by that ass fucking you are currently getting.” I tried my hardest to do a good job and make sure my tongue was completely caressing his cock. I wanted to make him happy too… this invasive stranger. As I worked I felt the swelling in my ass and soon the vibration of hard cock releasing its load. He dug his cock even deeper in my ass as he completely released huge amounts of cum. When he pulled out I felt it drip down to the floor. I was still consumed with the cock in my mouth. My master quickly took the other girl and shoved her face in my ass. She licked out all of the cum she could get. Keeping it in her mouth she moved over to me and spit the fresh come right on my face. As she did so, he pulled out of my mouth and shoved her mouth on his cock instead. But this time he did throat fuck her – hard. She was choking so bad she had to be restrained by another. They tied her hands behind her back as her mouth was being raped and forced her head down further. Right when I thought she was going to pass out, he pulled out and once again another load was released on my face. Cum was dripping off of me like icing on a cake. I licked my mouth tried to taste as much as I could. It was in my eyes. I could barely see.

A sharp yank on my collar told me it was time to get up. Another man was already lying on the floor. I was placed on top of his dick and bent My Backover him. As I started to ride him, I felt the joy of having my pussy penetrated by a deep cock. This was one of my favorite ways to fuck. But it wasn’t long before another cock was entering my ass, slowing my movement down and filling me up even further. I felt his hands come up around my neck from behind. I’m used to being choked, but it’s normally with the collar. The full, raw power of his hands was overwhelming. I closed my eyes and let myself be taken in both holes. Pretty soon I started losing vision, gasps of air were trying to escape, but none were allowed. He released his chokehold exactly before I felt I was going to lose control. But as soon as he let go, there was yet another cock pushed in my mouth. My throat, my ass and my cunt were all being brutally ravaged. And then I got the belt. 3 sharp strikes struck my back as I was being fucked. With a cock forced so far down my throat I couldn’t even scream. But as I looked up with watery eyes, I saw my assailant was the young girl who had spit ass come on my face. She had a much heavier hand then I would have thought.

I gagged as I felt my mouth intruder fill my throat with more cum. “Don’t swallow that cum yet you little bitch, I want to see it drip out of your mouth”. I let it slide out between my lips and stick to my chin. Some landed on my breasts. The cock was suddenly removed from my ass as well and I felt hot cum shoot down my back and drip to the floor. There was only one man who had yet to take me. I was yanked by my collar to sit back upright on this man’s cock and ride him, as a show for everyone else. As I slid back and forth over his cock, the belt was once again administered by the girl. When he was finally ready to cum, he threw me on my back and with my legs over my head, shot his load all over my tits and stomach.

Each man there had cum. They started to pour drinks and smoke cigarettes. They laughed and told jokes about work. But I was instructed to kneel on all fours like a dog. There I would sit until they told me I could move. Cum dripping from every inch of my body. My female companion served them drinks. She was then instructed to lick every ounce of cum from my body. She did. Slowly for an hour or so her tongue darted from one area to the next. Entering my ass and my pussy, caressing my nipples, my mouth my ears, everywhere. This was their show for the rest of the night. In the end, when everyone was ready to go home, they paid her and left.

Once again, it was just myself and Master. Before he tied me up for bed, he laid me down on the bed gently. He kissed me “You were so good tonight. You were my perfect little cum slut.” His tongue then found my pussy and as if to say “Thank you”, he gave me an orgasm that left me out of breath and squirming for minutes afterwards. I felt so good. I am a good little slut. I’m the perfect little slut.