My Return

Fatigue swept over me as I passed through the entrance way of the dimly lit apartment.  I had been gone for nearly three weeks and the time on the road was beginning to take its toll on my body.  He picked me up from the airport at his own accord and although I had intended on making it worth his while, it was all I could do to muster a worthwhile kiss.  Slowly, I began to undress as I made my way to the bedroom.

As my shirt hit the bedroom floor, unsuppressed shock took possession of my next breath.  There on his bed, a small Asian girl wearing nothing but a purple g-string lay bound at both the ankles and the wrists.  He came behind me slipping his arms through mine, slightly restraining me from behind.  His breath lay heavy on my ear as he whispered.  “I thought you might be tired when you landed.  I didn’t want to go the night without a woman’s company.  But you go to sleep baby, she knows what to do, it’s just a blowjob.”  I stood there in nothing but my silk cami and a dumbfounded look on my face.  He took my face and kissed me hard, I felt his tongue move towards the back of my mouth.  Emptiness momentarily assaulted my mind as I struggled to reestablish my bearings.  As if in a dream, I watched as my lover approached this girl, this intruder in my life, and undid the ties that bound her.

Once free, her hands moved slowly over his shirt unbuttoning each button one by one.  He lay on the bed as she unbuckled his pants, pushing them to the floor as he stroked his cock, readying himself for her mouth.  Her lips moved slowly over him, taking him entirely down her throat.  I watched her gentle embrace, her lips move up and down, her tongue sliding around his cock with each movement.  Her mouth looked wet and inviting and from his subtle moans and undulations, his enjoyment was clear.  I felt myself grow moist as the scene played out before me.  My hand touched my pussy, dampening my fingers.  I wanted to be a part of what was happening.  I wanted to feel her wet tongue.

I knelt down next to her and took his cock in my mouth, millimeters away from this strangers face.  Our tongues worked in concert as we took turns sucking and licking him.  He was wet from all angles and I could taste his cum oozing from the head of his penis.  I wanted to taste more, but as my tongue found its way into the mouth of the girl next to me, she was all I could focus on.  I kissed her.  My hand found her naked breast.  I wanted to consume her.   Both of my hands moved forcefully around her body, appreciating every inch of her as I moved her to the bed.   As she lay on her back, my tongue found it’s way from her mouth, down her beautiful body to her small, gorgeous tits.  She writhed underneath of me and with every movement of her body, I felt myself get wetter.  My tongue traced circles over each nipple, fully appreciating the perfect shape.   But even as I did so, I knew I wanted more.

My hands gripped firmly around her ass, pushing her higher up on the bed.  My fingers slipped under her panties and pushed them down her legs to the floor.   My mouth found it’s way to her perfectly shaved pussy.   Softly, I licked her in entirety, savoring the taste.  My tongue fancied her clit as my fingers found their way inside her, drawing the juices out from within.   My tongue explored every inch of her, moving in and out of her pussy and moving back to her clit.  The louder her moans became, the more entranced I became with her.  Her legs wrapped solidly around my head, pushing my tongue further inside.

For an instance, I forgot where I was.  Then I heard the crack and felt the familiar sting heat my back.  My head was swiftly pulled upwards by the hair, back into reality.  He pressed his face close to mine.  “You’re monopolizing my bitch.  I got her for me, not for you.”  He removed my cami and pushed my face firmly back into her pussy.  I heard her ankles be bound around my head, leaving me unable to retreat from my position.  My hands were soon to follow.  Bound behind my back, I had only my tongue to please her with.

I felt the cold leather of the riding crop move slowly down my spine.  It lingered momentarily at my ass and then moved slowly down.  It Being Wipped (1)penetrated my pussy, filling me with rough leather and soaking up my wetness.  He forced it further inside of me, back and forth.  And then, in one fluid movement, the riding crop was removed and hit sharply on my lower back.  The cracks came one after another.  I took comfort in the taste of my lady lover.  I could feel the welts appear on my back as I took the punishment.  My tongue went deeper inside her and I could feel her start to cum.  It was as if she was getting satisfaction from my torment.  As she writhed and contracted beneath me, the riding crop came down steadily, until her moans filled my ears and her pussy gave in to my tongue.

As she settled down, the cracks desisted.  My back and ass were raw and sore, but my pussy was wetter than ever.  I felt his finger slide inside of me, preparing me to take his cock.  My face was still between her legs, tasting her fresh cum as he slid inside of me.  He moved slowly at first, pushing as deep as he could.  Then, grabbing a hold of my ass, his thrusts increased with velocity and power.  I felt his cock swell within me, drawing an orgasm from my body.  He teeth sunk hard into my back as he climaxed.  The room filled with the sound of my moans.  My body quivered under his weight.  My arms were numb from the ropes that bound me.  But I was satisfied.

He untied both of us as we readjusted positions.  I kissed her softly once again, as she put her panties back on and threw a sundress over her small frame.  I watched as he escorted her out the door and came back into the bedroom.  He gingerly touched my back and turned me on my stomach, kissing my neck as he went.  He lay next to me, his hand resting gently on my ass.  I positioned my head on his chest and took in the sweet smell of his skin and slipped peacefully into a deep slumber.