The Rendezvous

The silver Honda clanked up the slightly winding street towards his apartment.  She laughed slightly at herself as the front bumper ground on the concrete road.  How absurd was it that she was still driving that thing?

Her laugh transformed into an irremovable grin as her mind drifted to the image of his body moving and shifting under his clothes.  Quickly, she snapped herself out of the momentary trance, in order to avoid any further damage to the front end of her vehicle.  The thought of him made her acutely aware of her own body.  The cool air from the vent sent shivers down her spine as it hit her skin.

Pulling into the parking lot, her eyes adjusted to the fluorescent lights.  She sucked in her breath for an instant before stepping out of the car.  Tonight the breeze was cool and gentile and there was nobody around to make small talk with as she waited for him to come down and get her.  She adjusted the seam of her skirt, the damn thing always seemed get twisted, and applied an ample coat of Chapstick to her perpetually dry lips.

As the elevator door opened she spun around on one heel to face him, smiling immediately as he approached.  Her eyes broke contact with his to glance at his soft lips.  She had been imagining his kiss since they had made plans to meet that night.  As he came towards her to engage in that kiss, her whole body tingled.  It seemed as though it had been forever since he touched her and her body melted at the embrace.

The elevator ride was tedious.  Every instinct in her body was pushing her to touch him and feel his body under his shirt.  But, holding her hand firmly, he kept her at bay.  There was something playful but mischievous in the way he looked at her.  Whether this was an act of domination or whether he was sincerely uncomfortable with the public situation of the elevator was impossible to tell.  But he was good at it, one way or the other, and it drove her crazy.  Fidgeting and clicking her teeth, she waited for the floor to arrive and the door to open.

As they made their way to the apartment he kept hold of her hand, forcing their bodies to remain close together.  Conversation didn’t even enter their minds.  There would be plenty of time for that later.

As soon as the door shut behind them his mouth was on hers and his hand found her breast.  Her bare leg wound around his, drawing him closer to her, kicking her shoes off in the process.  Everything went hazy as he pushed her hard against the wall, his hand moving up towards her throat, his fingers closing around her neck.  Her body heaved under his pressure.

HeadShe held tight to him, one hand moving quickly to unbutton his shirt, pushing it to the floor as her lips and tongue caressed his neck and chest.  Her mouth journeyed down his body to his waste.  His hands were already removing his belt.  As his pants slid down to the floor, he grabbed her hair and forced her mouth around his cock.  She took it as it slid between her lips and felt it on the back of her throat.  He guided her head, forcing himself deeper and deeper.  He was hard as a rock and she could taste him release slightly in her mouth.

He pulled out quickly, forcing her up with him and tearing off her shirt, ripping two buttons in the process.  He grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and bent her over the table.  He moved her skirt out of the way as his fingers pushed inside her already wet pussy.  He stroked himself over her ass brushing against her slightly as he did.  As she turned to face him, he took her by the arm and pushed her hard against the table, restraining her from moving any further.

He pressed against her shoulder; she could feel strength of his body.  Objects from the untidy table jabbed her naked skin sharply from underneath.  She tried to shift slightly to avoid the pain, but as she did she felt a sharp crack against her ass that nearly brought tears to her eyes.  Her body was forced hard into the table and she could feel his arm maneuver for another strike.  Repeatedly, his strength came down on her ass.  She felt heat rise off her body each time his unrelenting palm made contact with her skin.  She felt him lean close to her face, his other hand still holding her down as tight as he could, “Stay still, bitch”.  His breath steamed against her ear.

Without question, she remained still except for her heavy panting.  She felt her skirt be ripped off her body and his cock ruthlessly thrust inside her.  He fucked her hard and fast, drawing uncontrollable sighs and gasps.  Even the pain from the spankings seemed to subside, or maybe they fused with the pleasure.  She felt his cock go still deeper and, unable to control herself, moaned heavily in ecstasy.  The deeper he went the quicker the orgasm was drawn from her body.  She shook fiercely as the orgasm subsided.  He slowed down and slid in and out of her a few times, to calm her down.  As soon as she caught her breath and her body regained some strength, he thrust in her again as hard and deep as he could, pulling out just in time to release his cum over her ass.

His moans filled her ears and she felt his grip on her loosen and his body weight come down.  He kissed her neck and back, but without missing a beat his fingers pushed inside her wet ass, loosening her.  He turned her face towards him and kissed her passionately before guiding her to the arm of couch.  She was promptly pushed back down in her proper position, but this time the softness of the cushions eased the pain.

Anal sex had always turned her on, but nonetheless she was nervous.  Her heart raced as Fuck from Behind Pen Inkhe prepared to enter her once again.  She buried her head in a pillow.  Without any warning he pushed firmly into her ass.  He was relentless as cries of both pleasure and pain were drawn from her lips.  This was for him and him alone.  He guided her ass back and forth over his cock.  With each stroke, her body eased and more readily accepted him.  She felt him grow and get harder inside her.  His arms moved around her waist, pulling her closer to him.  He came in her ass, burying his head in her back and grabbing her tightly as he released.

Their lips and tongue met again as he slipped out of her and curled up on the couch beside her.  Entwined in each other’s embrace, exhausted and warn and slightly bruised, they drifted into a light slumber, a small breeze from an open window cooling their hot, slippery bodies.