The Vacation

Feeling the weight of my own body, I inhaled deeply and tried to wrap my head around the events of the last 12 hours. I sojourned on this little adventure without any preconceived notions besides perhaps a little naughty excitement. I was looking forward to the unknown. Throwing caution to the wind and letting the chips fall where they may. It had been a while since I had taken any significant time off, and a carnal, rendezvous with a strange new lover seemed like the perfect excuse to cash in the air miles and turn off the smartphone. But now, as the full magnitude of my situation began to sink in, I tried to suppress a building sensation of panic rising in my chest. ‘Breath. Just breathe. Yoga breaths.’ I thought to myself. A deep inhale through the nose, followed by a slow exhales through my mouth as I counted the seconds. My biceps and triceps were starting to feel the fatigue of being locked in one place for multiple hours, high over my head, joined at the wrists by a thick rope. The rope was tight, but the agony of being held in one place for so long overshadowed any other sensation. I was completely naked. Legs spread open, pussy throbbing from being teased and tortured. I tried in vain to peek under the thick black cloth covering my eyes, hoping to see a beam of light or anything at all, really. My assumption since we arrived was that I was in a hotel, simply because I had made plans to stay in a hotel. But I’ve had no evidence to validate that assumption. I was already bound and gagged by the time we got here and was only allowed limited site throughout the night.

He was the perfect gentlemen after picking me up from the airport. Immediately, our hours and days of online communication were validated. It was like I’d known him my whole life. I couldn’t believe that I had lived this long without him, to share stories and experiences with, to spend countless hours talking to about the nuances of life. He took me straight from the airport to a perfect restaurant. We spent the cab ride laughing and touching and soaking up each other’s company. I know the restaurant was fabulous, but all I can remember was our interaction. So natural, so sensual, so raw and animalistic. No more than 2 hours could have passed after my plane wheels hit the ground before we found ourselves entwined in a men’s restroom stall in that little restaurant, sweaty and laughing and not even remotely-satisfied. I needed more. I wanted to skip on the bill and jump in the next cab to our hotel so we could start a blissful evening of uninterrupted indulgence as quickly as possible. My head was swimming with lust, my body still trembling in response to the intensity of the multiple orgasms he’d just given me in a very short time.

“Please let’s get out of here. I’m dying to get you alone in the bedroom.” I begged him as I fumbled with the buttons of my blouse.

But as I turned to push my way out of the stall, I felt something cold and sharp come down on my wrist. Before I had time to turn around. I felt him take a hold of my other arm forcing it around my back. And then SNAP! I recognized that feeling. It was the cold mental sensation of handcuffs. I didn’t need to see them to know that they were the official law-enforcement kind. No soft fuzzy cushion to prevent the sharp pressure of metal into my skin. No weak plastic, easily released at will. I felt my pussy begin to get wet all over again. My back towards him, he pushed me into the stall like he was going to fuck me from behind. Securing both my arms tightly behind my back, he leaned in close to my ear.

“Good girls don’t tell their masters what they should do. They do as they’re told.” He tightened the cuffs with another hard snap, pulling my shoulder blades together and pressing his chest firmly on my back. “You are a good girl, right? Or was a wrong about you?”

My response was immediate and required no thought. “You were right. I am a good girl.”

“You’re a good girl, what?”

“I’m a good girl, Master.”

I lowered my eyelids in respect. I didn’t want him to think I was confrontational. I am a good girl.

“I know you are a good girl. You just got excited. It’s understandable. I’ll let it slide this time. But you’ll still have to be reprimanded, as a reminder.” His cheek pressed firmly on mine. His gentle stubble barely scratching my delicate skin, rough and beautiful. I felt his hand under my skirt. His fingers made their way to my pussy and felt a sharp pain as he somehow pinched the delicate skin of my labia and snap hard. My entire body heaved and went limp. I could barely support my own weight. I could hear my breath intensify despite myself and was once again reminded of how wet I was. Cum from our earlier encounter started dripping down my leg. My panties were gone. I remembered taking them off as we entered the stall. I realized I’d probably never see those panties, or likely any panties again, for at least for as long as he was in my life.

“You have been without proper guidance for a long time. I hope you still know your place in this world.”

I remained silent with my eyelids downcast. Of course I did. I was here to serve him.

He pulled me closer and brushed his lips over my cheek and through my hair.

“Mmmmm… your smell is intoxicating. Don’t fret. We both want the same thing. We’ll head straight to your accommodations. I want nothing more than to get you alone. It’s the principle of the matter that must be respected. But I understand you’ve been allowed to run wild for quite some time. A lady requires the constant leadership of a strong hand. If left to your own devices, you have a tendency to forget that you are the weaker sex. Look me the eyes.”

He spun me around slightly and I dared to lift my lids. Our eyes met, and I saw all the passion and excitement and thrill that we had experienced over the last two hours all at once. I wanted him inside of me again so bad. The fire in belly grew warmer as I felt his hand slide up my blouse over my skin and up my side. When he reached my breast the passion erupted all over again. Our lips met and his hands ravished every inch of my breasts, squeezing my nipples hard and treating me with no mercy. Unlike our previous encounter, every movement was forceful and domineering. His kissing was intense and powerful. This time my arms remained restrained. I was could not touch him. But he could have every part of me.

And as quickly as the passion began, it stopped just as suddenly, leaving me panting and longing for more.

He took a step back and looked me up and down. “Of course, I do have a mind to keep you here a bit longer. Watching the sweet agony of sexual torture on your face is very sexy. It’s like you’re begging me with your eyes. I like the idea of you begging me. I would get pleasure from drawing this out all day.”

The look on my face must have betrayed how horrified I was at this thought. He laughed whole-heartedly, a warm, tender laugh, and put one arm around me as he opened the stall and escorted me out, handcuffs still in place.

“I suppose there will be plenty of time for that to come.”

I wondered what the other patrons and serving staff must have thought as he escorted me from the men’s restroom in handcuffs. A fugitive maybe? I doubt I looked much the part, with my short skirt and disheveled top.  Once in the cab, he secured the blindfold, as well as a gag device, which restricted me from talking or hearing. I was isolated from the world for the rest of the ride.

Eventually, I felt the car start to slow and then finally stop at our destination. The weight in the car shifted as people began exiting and removing luggage. I was alone I think, for a short time. Then I felt someone come back and take me by the elbow. I was escorted up a flight of stairs, through an automatic sliding door and then into an elevator before reaching my floor and finally making our way into a room where I was seated. And then nothing again for a while. I tried to keep my mind busy to kill the time, daydreaming of what the evening would entail. I thought about the surprising, but not an unwelcomed change of events. Looking back, there has been foreshadowing. We had both hinted at our fondness for fetishes, BDSM in particular. But nothing had been outright discussed or agreed upon. This had come as a complete surprise.

I was completely lost in thought and jumped disproportionately when I felt someone abruptly release the binds from around my head. Then suddenly, I could hear again. Then the gag came loose. I moved my jaw, grateful for the freedom of motion. I was momentarily struck with panic at the idea that it would soon be replaced. But I quickly curb my response and maintain my composure. The blindfold and handcuffs, however, remained in place.

“We’re finally alone, my dear.”

The sound of his sweet voice was overwhelming. I was so happy to be in his presence again and to finally spend the time together I had come here to spend. I felt his hands on my neck. They wrapped around my throat, tightening slowly until I was just able to breathe, then released. He responded perfectly in sync to my body, like he’d owned me forever. His hands moved around and down the front of my shirt. Feeling my nipples gently. This whole thing was just driving me crazy. I just wanted him to fuck me again already.

“Have patience, my love.”

‘How was this guy so good at reading my thoughts?!?’

“You’ve had a long day. I think you need another type of fun first.”

He picked me up and threw me on the bed. Okay, good. At least we’ve made our way to the bed. Some progress in the right direction.

“I can tell you’ve been a naughty girl lately.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about at first. He could have been referring to about 1,000 things. But then I felt him trace my bare arms with his fingers. I didn’t have to see to know that he was moving right over my track marks. I felt my face flush hot red. Shit.

“You know I can’t have anything defiling your body except for me.”

Shit, shit, shit.

“Most Masters don’t allow drugs of any sort. It’s a sign of weakness.”

I began to squirm despite myself.

“Don’t panic. You happen to be in luck. I find them incredibly sexy.”

He tongue began to trace where I knew the scars on my arms were visible.

“That begin said, there’s still going to be some rules around your use. From now on, you are no longer allowed to inject yourself. I will do it for you at my discretion. Period. No exceptions. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Master.” I whispered.

“Don’t worry, I won’t allow you to get sick. Simply because it’s not becoming of a lady. I think you’ll find that I’ll be extremely generous. There will be times I’ll push your limits if you need to be punished. But you will have to trust that I will never take it too far. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good.” He said in a rather jovial spirit.

I have to admit, I was a little worried. No one else had injected me in an extremely long time. My veins were in terrible shape and to be honest, I had quite a large habit. But if I was going to do this, I had to give him all of me. I was prepared to do that. Besides, it would be good for me to have a little discipline.

I felt him jump off the bed and rifle through a drawer. That’s interesting. He must have been here earlier to set things up. Then I heard the familiar sound of a shot being cooked up. I noticed my body immediately react.  My skin began to moisten and I began to tremble, just a little. I realized it had been many hours since my last shot before the airport. I rarely went that long between shots, but I had been so caught up in the affairs of the day that I hadn’t even realized.

“Sit up.”

I did as I was told and felt him release the cuffs from my wrist. I hadn’t realized how deeply they had been pressing into my flesh. I had an almost uncontrollable instinct to rub my wrists, but I refrained.

“I bet it must feel nice to finally get these off.”  He rubbed my wrists for me and kissed my shoulder. “Now flex your arm.”

I pumped a few times, wondering if it would be enough to get the blood flowing. He quickly tied my arm with a tourniquet. I felt my body start to squirm again as his mouth and tongue once again made their up and down my track marks, around my arm hitting each scar gently and sensually. I couldn’t believe I wanted him to take me more than I wanted that injection.

He laid my arm gently on a pillow. “Patience. We have all night.”

I heard the cap come off the syringe. He touched a few different areas on my arm, trying to find a good vein. Settling on an area, he quickly swabbed it with alcohol. I felt the tip of the syringe on my skin just before it pierced my flesh in search of a vein. I had to bite my lip, resisting the urge to make suggestions or critique. It felt like mere seconds before I realized he was already pushing the plunger down. He’d administered the injection flawlessly. To be frank, I was amazed.

I felt the tourniquet come off and almost immediately my mouth was flooded with that sweet, exotic taste I had come to know so well.  My head began to swim.

“Mmmmm….” I heard the sound float in the air as it involuntarily escaped my lips. It almost startled me. That was not a small shot. But before I had time to estimate exactly how much it was, I felt the weight of his body as he straddled me and then the pressure of his lips as they met mine.

“Don’t even think about nodding off.”

Right, that was the last thing on my mind.

I was completely pinned to the bed by his body weight. He firmly clasp my arms behind my back and started to slowly unbutton my shirt with his teeth. But after two buttons he lost patience. Sitting upright on top of me he used both hands to tear open the buttons on the front of my shirt. I’ve probably only worn a bra three times in the past year, and today was no exception. The force of the tear caused my breast to bounce and then settle back onto my chest. It felt so good to have them completely exposed to the air and vulnerable. A combination of cool recirculated air-conditioning and my burning arousal caused my nipples to point straight up to the sky. He took a moment to examine my body, his new toy, then pulled both my arms out from behind my back and pinned them to the headboard above me.

“Hold on the headboard and don’t move your arms. I don’t want to have to leave my position to grab something to tie you up with. But you are not allowed to move your arms.”

“Yes, Master.” I exhaled.

Cupping both of my breasts with his hands, his took my nipple in his mouth. His movements were slow and gentle at first but quickly grew rough. His teeth cut into the delicate flesh of my breast. My moaning grew louder and more intense, but I didn’t move my arms. I couldn’t believe how wet I was getting. I let out a sharp yell as I felt the full force of his jaw clamp down one of my nipples. Intense pain seared through my breast, as intense desire flooded my pussy and I just about had an orgasm right then and there. I was dying to be touched, but his teeth held firm to my tit. I wish I could see his eyes. I felt him reach in his pocket for something. Then, in the very same instant that his teeth released my nipple, a clamp came down hard and took his place. It was an almost seamless transition.

He started the same foreplay with my other breast. Slowly at first, building the intensity until his teeth clamped down again. I let out another yell despite being prepared. The nipple clamp took its place and he sat upright.

“These are special nipple clamps. I can control the force by these screws on the nipple. Or I can tug on this chain that connects in the middle. He demonstrated with a little yank on the chain. Despite my efforts to stifle it, I cried out once again as the force intensified to what felt like 10 fold.  He chuckled.

“You’ll get used to it. I barely applied any pressure. I’m still being easy on you since I know you’re out of practice.”


“You were a very good girl. You kept your arms in place the entire time. You’re proving to me that I can trust you.”

His lips made their way down my belly, tracing my bellybutton and down to the waist of my skirt. Then his weight was gone as he quickly slipped off of me. My arms might have remained in place, but my hips couldn’t help but move, begging him to come closer. He reached his hand underneath my ass and undid the zipper on the back of my skirt. Then in one swift movement, my skirt was down on the floor and I was finally naked.

“Mmmm, you look delicious. And you smell just as good.”

He pushed my legs open and lifted my knees up so that my feet were flat on the bed.

The buildup had been so drawn out and torturous that when his tongue finally did find my clit the sensation was so intense I thought my body might explode. I struggled to keep myself on the bed, my hands still clinging tightly to the headrail. His tongue explored every inch of my pussy, circling my clit, working his way down, moving in and out of me and then finally finding my ass. He reached up to my belly where the chain lay from the nipple claps. I felt them clamp down harder on my nipples, but his head remained between my legs. I tried to maintain my composer, but my moans grew louder and more intense and my body squirmed helplessly as he worked the chain in unison with his tongue. His enthusiasm made it evident he was clearly enjoying this as much as I was. As he made his way back to my clit, I felt his fingers slide inside of me, working in rhythm with his tongue. I couldn’t contain myself anymore.

“Don’t you dare orgasm before I give you permission.”

He released the clamps and came up from between my legs, leaving my body heaving and aching for his touch.

“I don’t use often. But I’m making an exception for today. I want us to enjoy this experience together. But it will be a very rare event.”

I heard him tie-off and grab a syringe from the drawer. He must have prepared his shot ahead of time. He was done in what seemed like seconds. His veins, as I noticed earlier despite myself, were in great shape. I heard him undo his zipper and take off his pants.

“When two people use together appropriately it can be a wonderful way to enhance the pleasure in the bedroom. But I do not care to be addicted to anything. So I make sure not to use often and only in this setting.”

I felt his body brush over me as he straddled me again.

“Open your mouth.”

I did what I was told and felt his cock push deep into the back of my throat.

“Wrap your lips around it. If I feel any teeth, you will be punished harshly when I’m done with you. Do you understand?”

I choked as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, struggling to utter the words “Yes, Master”. It sounded more like a gurgle then actual words. I opened my throat as far as I could, allowing him to insert his entire cock back down my throat and back up again, repeatedly.

“You’re being a very good girl. Keep it open. Don’t close your throat for a second.”

He grabbed my head and pushed down hard, opening my throat even further.

“Don’t struggle. Choke on it. I want you to choke on it.”

As I gasped for a little air, his force came down harder.

“Don’t breathe. Take my cock. I tell you when to breathe. You’re mine and you’ll do as I say or I won’t allow you to choke on it at all. Do you understand me?”

I didn’t know how I was going to answer him, I couldn’t move my head or my mouth. He wrapped his hand tightly around my hair. I wondered if it would rip from my scalp as he simultaneously pressed my head deeper onto him.

“I said, do you understand me? Say it. Tell me you understand me, you insubordinate bitch.”

I struggled to make any noise at all. Saliva was running down chin, I choked to open my throat. It was just barely enough to gargle a barely intelligible, “Yes, Master”. As I did, he pushed his cock even further down my throat, forcing me to gag outright. He finally released my hair and allowed his cock to come back up my throat, yet remain in my mouth.

“That’s it, baby. I knew you could do it. You are a good girl. I’m going to let you watch me cum this time.”

He removed the blindfold from my eyes for the first time in what seemed like ages, although it had probably only been a few hours. The beautiful light almost blinded me as I blinked back the wetness that had filled my eyes while choking and looked up at him. He was so beautiful. He returned my gaze and held it steady.

“I’m going to cum deep inside your throat now. Don’t spit any of it up unless I tell you to. If I even feel the slightest pressure of resistance, you’ll get the belt afterward. But something tells me you’re going to love every second of it, my little cum slut. You like having cum for dinner, don’t you? I’m going to have you lapping it up in bowls on the floor like a dog. You’ll like that won’t you?”

My throat was free, so I was able to get out a fairly good “Yes, Master”, even with his dick filling my mouth. And it was the truth. I couldn’t wait to taste him. I hoped his cum would flood my throat forever. So I’d never have to beg for more, it would always be mine.

He thrust his cock forward, making sure I took it all the way down the back of my throat again. I tried to relax more with each thrust. My head smacked back on the headboard as he fucked my throat hard, clearly focused on cumming quickly. I tasted it before I felt it. I instinctually tried to get him deeper down my throat. I noticed my lips touch the soft hairs on his stomach. I was definitely taking the whole length. I felt a bit of pride at this. I hoped I was making my new Master happy. His orgasm was long and intense. Cum kept pumping down my throat. I was unable to swallow, but I dared not let any drip out. I wrapped my lips tighter around his cock, sucking up all the cum I could hold in my throat until I felt as though I was going to gag on it all. Finally, he began to slow his pace, his thrusts began to shallow and I could breathe again.  His cock softened in my mouth. He reached down and stroked my cheek.

“What a good girl you’ve been on your first day. You can swallow some, but not all. I’m going to pull out now. I want to see you spit my cum down your chin. You don’t deserve to swallow it all yet. You’ve been good, but you need a lot of training. When I want to reward you, I’ll allow you to swallow it all. Do you understand?”

Cum gurgled out of my mouth as I mustered a “Yes, Master”. He pulled all the way out. Doing as I was told, I allowed most of it to drip down my chin.

“Get it all out of your mouth and rub it into your tits.”

I spit out what I could and used my fingers to pull out any remaining cum stuck to the inside of my mouth, just to show I was being thorough. I rubbed it enthusiastically across my tits, covering my nipples and trying to spread it as far as it would go.

“You can lick your fingers clean.”

As I did so, I felt him reach down and feel my pussy. I was dripping wet. His fingers played with my juices and teased me by barely entering me then pulling out a few times.

“I don’t think I’m going to fuck you today.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. My pussy was literally pulsing with agony. I felt like I was going to cum even without being touched. He pulled my legs open wide, exposing all of me to the cool air. I thought I would die without cumming.

Ropes hung from each bedpost at the foot of the bed. He tied one of my ankles to a post, then the other.

“Hold on to the post above your head again.”

I lifted my arms and held my hands tightly together above my head. Except for this time he removed the rope from the dresser and secured my wrists firmly in place. The rope was tight and already stung the skin around my wrists.

“I’m going to give you one change to climax.” He had retrieved a small bottle of oil and started to apply it to my pussy, thoroughly covering both my lips and my clit. It felt cool at first and then began to warm.

“This is for heightened sensation. I’m not going to touch your pussy after this, although trust me it’s tempting. But you need to learn that we play by my rules, not yours. So I’m going to refrain from devouring you tonight. I trust there will be plenty of time for that. But this will give you a better chance at climax without my touch.”

He moved around to the side of the bed again and secured the blindfold across my eyes. Everything was black again. I already missed the light. I felt a thick roped slip over my head and around my neck.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.” I don’t know why, but I already did trust him. Unconditionally.

“I hope so. It will make this much more pleasurable for you.”

I felt the rope tighten around my neck. My throat was already exhausted from taking his thick cock. But there was something comforting about the sensation as well. He continued to tighten the rope. I wondered how far he was going to take this. My breath became shallow as the rope tightened further. I started to get light headed, almost dizzy, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, it started to become pleasant. Despite the blindfold, I started to see flashes of light behind my eyelids. It was as though I was slipping into a dream, but my body was becoming more alert. Every cool breeze of air made me tingle. I realized the rope wasn’t getting any tighter. But he didn’t release it either.

I felt something long and hard trace down my stomach and between my legs. It was thicker than a riding crop but much thinner than a paddle. Definitely leather. I Legs Vignettefelt my pussy begin to pulse again. I knew I was dripping wet and the cool air only made the sensation more powerful. It was as if my mind turned off, and all I could focus on was my body. His toy pushed its way inside me quickly and pulled out. I instinctually tried to gasp for air, but my lungs were unable to take in more. For some reason, this just made my body quake more. There was a moment of nothing, and then sharp and powerful his leather toy came down right between my spread-open legs, snapping at my pussy. Unable to deepen my breath, or even make a sound with the noose wrapped so tight around my neck, I just lie there quivering. Unconsciousness seemed only moments away and then SNAP! It came down again, causing me to tremble even more. I knew it hurt. But as I struggled for a breath the pain transformed into a raw feeling that was closer to pleasure. I don’t know how many times it came down, six or seven maybe. Each time I thought I might pass out, but then I was brought back-to with another strike. Suddenly I felt the noose tighten even more. Everything went black, even darker than the blindfold. It felt like I blacked out, but I’m not sure for how long. And then all at once, a release. A flood of oxygen made its way to my brain and my lungs greedily sucked in the deprived air. I realized I was wasn’t just shaking, I was having a full body orgasm. It flooded through me like a tidal wave, releasing through my pussy and covering the inside of my legs and the bed around me with cum. My head was still swimming when I felt his lips come down and meet mine. He kissed me passionately until my body began to recover, my mind calmed and I finally relaxed in the aftermath of such a powerful experience.

“I knew you’d be able to cum for me, baby.”

He removed the rope from my neck but kept the other binds in place. I felt him slide in next to me on the bed. His skin felt warm and wonderful next to mine. I didn’t want him ever to leave.

He kissed my neck and wrapped himself around me.

“You feel so good, I could stay here next to you all night long.”

I nuzzled into him, enjoying the thought. I was beginning to realize just how tired this whole day had left me.

“Sleep, my dear. I’m not going to release your binds tonight. I want you to get comfortable sleeping while confined and also spread open for me to take you at will.”

I was so tired, the roped barely bothered me.

“I’ll give you one more shot before bed to help you sleep. But then don’t expect to see me until the morning. Patience and restraint are two things I expect you to learn very well.”

I wanted to protest, to beg him to stay with me. But I knew better. “Yes, master,” I whispered.

I was half asleep by the time he administered the shot. I drifted off straight away and don’t even remember him leaving.

I don’t know how many hours have passed, or even what time of day it is. But now I’m awake and anxious for his return. But I will learn patience. I will be his good little slave girl, no matter what it takes.