Vancouver: Giving junkies a fix to keep them off the street

Mark Townsend, next to a crack pipe vending machine.

“VANCOUVER, Canada — Walking back alleys in Vancouver’s impoverished Downtown Eastside, Kevin Thompson, 43, tells stories from roughly two decades of cocaine and heroin addiction.

Drug deals would sometimes go bad, and he was robbed and assaulted. One notable incident involved a fight over a waffle iron that ended with a golf club being broken over his head. “It can be a lot of hassle just to get what you need for the day,” Thompson recalls.

But even trouble-free buys weren’t much of a relief. A high never lasts long enough, he explains.

Daniel Benson, peer supervisor at Insite.

Life often consisted of little more than scrounging for money or shoplifting, getting through a drug deal, injecting cocaine or heroin, and then doing it all over again a few hours later. Years went by like that, always waking up anxious, enduring the early symptoms of withdrawal until he could find the next fix.

Thompson was finally able to break away from the risks and complications of scoring drugs on the street, he says, thanks to diacetylmorphine, or prescription heroin.” Click the link below to read the entire article….

Vancouver: Giving junkies a fix to keep them off

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