Cheap Crack Pipes, Free Heroin, and Free Booze: The Evidence for Helping Addicts

Harm reduction, in my opinions is the ONLY way to treat addition. An addict will only consider recovery when they are ready, regardless of penalties or the law. Until then, it is society’s responsibility to offer harm reduction options.

A crack pipe vending machine for addicts sounds like the punch line of a bad joke—but the same kind of ridicule has been lobbed at many measures to fight drug addiction and related harm that have now proven to save lives. From needle exchange programs for HIV prevention to providing heroin to addicts, and from supervised injecting rooms to “wet houses” where homeless alcoholics are given free booze, approaches that seem to “enable” users are in fact effective in helping them to survive and recover.
Crack pipe vending machines were first introduced six months ago in Vancouver by a drug program, and a second one was added earlier this week. In this case, supporters believe that reducing the sharing of crack pipes will reduce the spread of diseases like Hepatitis C, though there is little published data on the question. “There’s no evidence one way or the other,” says Keith…”  Click the link below to read the entire article…

Cheap Crack Pipes, Free Heroin and Free Booze: The Evidence for Helping Addicts


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