Measure Would Make Drug Overdose Antidote More Widely Available In California

Since Needle Exchanges have been handing them out to concerned heroin users for years, it would only make sense that pharmacies should be able to dispense them as well.  You don’t need a doctors prescription to possess Naloxone, so let’s take full advantage and get this life saving drug in the hands of every responsible user, family member and friend. If you’re a user and don’t have Naloxone in your home, call your Needle Exchange and find out how you can procure an overdose kit of your own!

First published on, by Kenny Goldberg Monday, September 1, 2014 

“Fatal drug overdoses have become an epidemic in the United States, killing 38,329 Americans in 2010. A bill approved by the California Legislature aims to reduce the problem. The measure — AB 1535 — would let pharmacists dispense naloxone, an antidote to overdoses, without a prescription. Emergency room doctors and paramedics have used it for decades. It’s available as an injectable drug or a nasal spray. Laura Thomas, deputy state director of the non-profit Drug Policy Alliance, said the medication works almost immediately.

“It works against Oxycontin, heroin, methodone, anything that’s an opiate,” Thomas explained. “If you don’t have any opiates in your system, you won’t have any reaction to the drug at all.”

Drug overdoses have become the nation’s leading cause of accidental death. Prescription narcotics, including pain killers like OxyContin and Vicodin, are the main culprits.” CLICK BELOW TO READ FULL ARTICLE…

Measure Would Make Naloxone More Widely Available in California