DuPage Narcan Program Saves Another Life From Heroin OD

Yet many politicians want to ban access to this drug. Who do they think they’re helping buy cutting off access to life saving drugs? Certainly not the addicts. It seems purely punitive. People don’t take into account that addicts also have family members who are upstanding members of society who also suffer when their drug addicted family member dies of an overdose because they were denied access to a drug that could have saved them.

CBS Local, Chicago – March 28, 2014

“Make it two lives saved in heroin overdose situations in less than a week for police in DuPage County.

That has officials proudly saying the county’s relatively new Narcan antidote program is working.

First, a DuPage County Sheriff’s deputy administered Narcan to a 32-year old woman having a heroin overdose Saturday near Villa Park.

Then, Wednesday night, two Hanover Park police officers, who’d just been trained 10 days before on giving Narcan in heroin overdose situations, saved the life of a 29-year old man.

Hanover Park Deputy Police Chief Tom Cortese said the officers had been told by the man’s sister that he had had a history of heroin use, so “they started CPR.”

When that had no effect, they “applied the first dose of Narcan.”

The officers needed to use a second dose before the man started to come around, according to Cortese. Paramedics had to administer a third dose and the man is said to be doing well now.” Click the link below to read the entire article…

DuPage Narcan Program Saves Another Life From Heroin OD


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