Solutions To The Heroin and Opiate Epidemic

Anyone who’s has ever had to suffer through addiction, either their own or a family member’s, will tell you that the current state of addiction treatment available to drug addicts down right appalling and grossly ineffective. And nothing is likely to change without a massive campaign to educate the public with facts and reality, as opposed to the negative propaganda based mostly on lies and exaggerations designed to scare people and dehumanize users. This is a great article that was first published in the book “Addiction on Trial” by Steven Kassels, M.D.

First published on Social Justice Solutions, by  Steven Kassels, M.D. March 27, 2014

“Why is medication management for the treatment of heroin/opiate addiction scorned by so many? According to a recent Boston Globe article, “Heroin Epidemic Exposes Deficiencies In Care System” (, Ms. Jacobs, Director of Substance Abuse Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts acknowledged, “medications are not used as much as they could be for opiate addictions because of stigmas attached to them, she said.”  I agree, but while we watch endless commercials about the benefits of nicotine replacement medications, or how to treat illnesses such as urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction; I wonder where are the public service announcements addressing the heroin/opiate epidemic and the proven benefits of outpatient cost effective medication management?  Where are the public service announcements that clearly demystify common misperceptions, such as crime increases when there is a treatment center in one’s community. In fact, there is a 50% to 80% reduction in crime by heroin addicts when in treatment.” READ MORE…