Heroin Jeopardy

Do you watch Jeopardy every night just waiting for the episode where they finally feature heroin? Are you constantly trying to impress your friends with all your heroin related trivia? If you’ve got all the inside dope on dope and are just bursting at the seams with juicy junky goodies, then you’re in luck, my friend! Now you can show-off your unmatched knowledge of everyone’s favorite narcotic in the comfort of your own home! No need to record Jeopardy night after night just to to be disappointed by other College Championship or Teen Tournament (lame!). Single player or multi-team player options are available. Challenge yourself in the kitchen and prove to your mother how smart you really are. Challenge your friends to a smack smack-down and claim your title as the definitive master of all things heroin. You can play as often as you’d like and if you get stuck there’s even a option to check your answer. Not that you’d need any help you heroin highness, you. After all, you’re the Big H of H, Duke of the Dragon, the Black Tar Baller, Chief of the Chiva, Don of Dope, Sultan of Smack… you get the picture. (I think you’re awesome.) Now go prove to the rest of the world how smart junkies really are with Heroin Jeopardy, created by me just for you!

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Interactive game playing’s not your thing? Rather watch a video version with all the same trivia and questions and none of the annoying mouse clicking and category selection? Watch the video version of Heroin Jeopardy here!