The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist

I couldn’t leave my fellow tweakers without a playlist of their very own. It just wouldn’t be right. The cold, cruel world might have given you a bad rap, but in this blog you’re warmly welcomed and appreciated (just don’t steal any of my stuff, damn it!) The Ultimate Tweaker playlist pays tribute to one of the most powerful drugs available, Crystal Methamphetamine, and it’s users – you lovable tweakers. So take a seat (if you can manage sitting still), smoke a bowl, have a line, booty bump or inject your favorite drug of choice and take a listen to The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist. I promise, there’s no spying on you from across the street (and I’m not starting a secret list of tweakers, uh, I mean people… who download this playlist for the War on Drugs), so relax and enjoy!

The Ultimate Tweaker Playlist