All the photos from my blog together in one place! And a whole lot more that I happen like 😉 Drug Porn – It’s a Drugged Up – Happy World.

No these, aren’t the pictures you saw on pinkmeth or 4Chan, or even PT, for that matter. Don’t bust out the lotion prematurely… there’s no inappropriate lady parts in here, you’ll have to get your porn elsewhere 😉 Just a day in the life of  D_D (Clothes On)

Speaking of porn…. Alright, it’s not really porn. But it is erotic and it is funny 🙂 Sex Jokes Are Not Funny. I Mean, Cum on People! 

Did somebody say socks? No? Whatever, it’s hard the seperate the voice in my head from the ones in reality sometimes. One hundred percent socks, all day and all night. Peep sexy sox from Sock Junky’s stylin’ foot-ware collection – 24 hours a day. Coming at you from The City of Angles,  Los Angeles California. Be nice. Maybe you can touch. (The voices in my head sound like radio broadcasts.)

☮ ❤ & ♪♫ ♪