Our Junky Forefathers

A look back at drugs and drug culture in American through out the Twentieth Century.

P1 – A Century of Syringes, a photo collection of the antique syringes our Junky Forefathers were required to use in order to administer their Drug of Choice. It makes you thankful for the 29-guage, disposable Turumo!

P2 – Your Doctor Recommends Camels, We haven’t always been the modern forward thinking, Clean Air Acts, e-cig banning that we are today. There was a time where cigarettes were not only widely accepted, but praised for their health benefits. This photo essay is sometimes shocking, but undeniably entertaining.

P3 – Medicine of a Bygone Era, A peek inside the medicine cabinets of our Junky Forefathers. We might scoff at anyone who attempts to justify their reckless drug use by claiming it’s mere medicine. We might even scoff at the doctor who attempts to explain that drugs are not all bad for your body, in fact heroin done precious little physical damage. But there was a time in the not-so-distance past that heroin, cocaine, LSD, cannabis and yes, even meth were used for legitimate medicinal purposes. It seems that drug perception is more a matter of advertising and mass marketing that it is chemical makeup.

P4 – One Man’s Poison is Another Man’s Medicine, The pharmaceutical business is an always has been a multiple billion dollar industry. The fact that as a society we view heroin as the devil and Prozac a miracle drug is because that’s what the advertising campaigns, which are strictly controlled by the FCC, tell us to think. At one point almost all illegal drug was boasted as the next breakthrough in medicine. This video examines the advertisements designed to sway a nation into taking taking whatever it is they had to sell.

P5 – Pulp: Drugs, Sex & Scandal!, Pulp has always had a fascination with drugs, so long as the drug users are shed in a negative light. People love stories about other people whose lives they consider worse off then their own. From books to magazines, TV shows and cinema, we just can’t get enough of it. And most people are in agreement that anyone who does drugs must have a terrible life (I actually think I’ve got a pretty awesome life, thank you very much. But for this blog, we’ll leave it at that). When you throw in the voyeuristic element of a taboo that most people would never dream of experiencing first hand, you’ve got a real moneymaker on your hands. This video is a photo collection of some of the campiest, most outrageous and at times hysterical, pulp covers featuring our favorite topic… drugs!

P6 – White Lines: A Classy Drug For A Classy Decade, In our little video series, Our Junky Forefathers, we’ve covered most of the century, and have come to the 1970’s. Discos, glam rock, late night clubs, big hair, big lapels, big shoes, bright colors, glitz, glamour and big time parties rule the late night scene. Free music festival and free love have been replaced with seedy music clubs, exclusive lines and boku bucks. Psychedelics and herb for amphetamines and cocaine – make that freebase cocaine, if you will. Quaaludes are at an all time high. You’re gonna need something to help you come down from that bender. And Quaaludes will make you forget all that guilt left over from hedonistic party last night (can I have two, please?). But they are still legal, for now anyway, so fuck it. Cocaine however, is not. Although it’s so ubiquitous in some scenes that it’s legal status might have been questioned. It became the trade mark drug of the decade and all the negative press that it received after its heyday in the early century was somehow forgotten. It became the signature drug for the decade, making its way into executive offices, pop culture references and every bar bathroom from sea to shining sea.