Chasing the Dragon

I first mentioned Chasing the Dragon in Ask a Junky: Routes of Administration Pt. 2 when I gave instructions on how to properly smoke heroin. But I didn’t include any photos or video to visually accompany the directions. I have so many injection videos posted (all located in the Videos section of the main menu), but no smoking videos. At least not until last week when in Ask a Junky: Hot Rails! Considering that Chasing the Dragon is one of the more complicated methods of taking heroin and is often quite wasteful and ineffective when done improperly by those who are inexperienced, I thought it definitely deserved a video of its own. I won’t repeat everything that I already wrote for RoA’s Pt. 2. But I will include the instruction again to refresh your memory and have a frame of reference when watching the video.

Personally, I never thought that I would choose to smoke heroin again. But I’ve recently been reintroduced to it and honestly, it’s extremely effective, albeit without the rush of syringe methods. But it works. It definitely gets you high and the onset is immediate. I would suggest to anyone who wants to give their veins a break to give it a try. When done properly, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. And if you like the taste of heroin (which I do) – even better!

To recap, here are the instructions on how to most effectively smoke heroin:

Gather all of your supplies and set your environment. You’ll want to be comfortable once you are high.
Weigh out your heroin. A common dose for someone with a low tolerance is 15 – 30 mg, for a high tolerance 20 – 50 mg.
Take a piece of aluminum foil and make a crease down the center lengthwise, keeping the shiny side down. Place the heroin on end that is closest to you.
Get your tube in place and position the flame so that it is directly under the heroin. Start to gently heat the flame, starting from the far end of the foil. It’s very important not to overheat the heroin. This could result in too much waste, burning the heroin or smoking more than is safe at one time.
As the heroin begins to boil and the smoke starts to rise, start to inhale the vapor immediately.
You want the heroin to start to slide or trail on the foil. If it blobs up in one place, much of it won’t be smoke-able. The smaller the trail the better, so that the entire trail is smoke-able.
Once you’ve filled your lungs to a comfortable level, immediately remove the heat and stop inhaling.
Once you’ve exhaled and ready for another, reheat again and take another hit.
Now, so you can visualize what I’m talking about, take a look at the video I made where I demonstrate how to “Chase the Dragon.” Enjoy!

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